Jun 27, 2022

Privacera to Take Part in Databricks Data+AI Summit Simplified Lakehouse Data Access Governance

When: June 27-30, 2022
Who: Privacera
Where: Booth #733 | Moscone South | San Francisco

Next week at the Databricks Data+AI Summit, experts from Privacera, the unified data access governance leader founded by the creators of Apache Ranger™, will participate in three data governance speaking sessions live at Moscone South in San Francisco.

  • Privacera CTO, Bosco Durai, along with Zeashan Pappa, Senior Product Specialist – Data Governance, Databricks, will lead a session titled, “How to Build a Complete Security and Governance Solution Using Unity Catalog.” Unity Catalog unifies governance and security for Databricks in one place. It can store data classifications and privileges and enforce them. The talk will further explain how to enrich classifications and tags in Unity Catalog by importing them from other systems.
  • Aaron Colcord, Sr. Director, Community of Excellence at Privacera, will participate in a session titled, “Practical Data Governance in a Large Scale Databricks Environment,” with Brad Nicolas, Director, Digital Platforms, Emerging Technology at Corning – a Privacera customer. The session will provide data professionals with tools to achieve data governance at enterprise scale.
  • Colcord will give an additional talk along with Mei Gui, Software Engineer, Databricks titled, “Scaling Privacy: Practical Architectures and Experiences”.

Visit us at booth #733 for a 10 minute custom demo where we can show you how to migrate new workloads into your lakehouse, securely share data, and simplify data access governance. Or schedule a half hour meeting with us, an ideal time to ask exactly how our solution fits within your enterprise data stack and will help you realize your organization’s vision.

About Privacera’s integration with Databricks
Privacera provides an elegant, built-in integration which enables fine-grained access control for Databricks clusters to help govern access to data in your lake house. The solution delivers a consistent, single pane of glass that ensures sensitive data is protected using Resource Based Access Control (RBAC) and Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC), with streamlined compliance workflows and auditability. Learn more about the integration here.

About Privacera
Privacera’s SaaS-based data governance and data security platform enables analytics teams to access data without compromising compliance with regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and HIPAA. Privacera provides a single pane of glass for securing sensitive data across multiple cloud services such as AWS, Azure, Databricks, GCP, Starburst and Snowflake. Privacera’s platform is utilized by Fortune 500 customers across finance, insurance, life sciences, retail, media, consumer industries and federal agencies/government to automate sensitive data discovery and easily manage high-fidelity policy management at petabyte scale on-prem and in the cloud. Headquartered in Fremont, California, Privacera was founded in 2016 by the creators of Apache Ranger™.

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