Considering Immuta? Try Privacera

If you’re considering Immuta’s Data Security Platform, you should also look at the leading open standards-based option – Privacera.

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Considering Immuta? Try Privacera

You’re looking for agile, secure data access with comprehensive privacy control baked in—across your cloud and data sources. The only secure, enterprise-grade, and future-proof way to achieve that is with a platform based on open standards.

That’s what you get with Privacera. Centralized security and control for analytics and GenAI initiatives, while avoiding vendor lock-in. Seamlessly integrate, evolve, and future-proof while upholding stringent compliance with internal and external mandates.

Privacera Data Security Platform

Privacera Data Security Platform helps data and security teams centrally manage access and privacy controls. Unlike other solutions like Immuta, Privacera natively protects the broadest coverage of structured and semi-structured data; does not impact query performance; and is built on open standards.

With proven scalability and expansive connectivity, it’s obvious why Fortune 500 companies in retail banking, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, media, and entertainment are choosing Privacera over Immuta.

Privacera vs Immuta Comparison

CapabilityPrivaceraImmutaData Source Specific Control
Breadth of connectivity50+ connectors6 ConnectorsSingle data source ONLY
Policy Control CreationUI driven, drag-and-dropUI driven, drag-and-dropBasic UI, rely on SQL coding
No single point of failureCheckXCheck
Proven scalabilityCheckXCheck
Protect structured, relational, semi-structured dataCheckPartialX
Built on open standardsCheckXX
Built-in federated data stewardship supportCheckXX
GenAI App security and PrivacyCheckXX

Privacera vs Immuta

Privacera’s Data Security Platform uniquely offers the following advantages over typical proxy-based data security solutions found with Immuta’s Data Security Platform.

Breadth of connectivity

Breadth of connectivity

With over 50 connectors to structured and semi-structured data, including Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, Databricks, Snowflake, Starburst, Dremio, Google BigQuery and many others, Privacera offers you native access and privacy enforcement across your entire data estate. Immuta only supports 6 connectors.

Transparent to your analytical tools

Unlike proxy-based approaches found with Immuta’s Data Security Platform, Privacera automatically translates centrally defined policy controls into native database-specific access and privacy controls. No impact on query performance at runtime. Privacera also does not require every query request to be transformed or edited at runtime to insert access or privacy controls. Due to their architecture, Immuta requires all queries to point to the Immuta proxy or new database views created specially to support the Immuta engine.

Most comprehensive auto-data detection and onboarding

Most comprehensive auto-data detection and onboarding

Privacera manages and automates the entire data security lifecycle from finding, classifying, and securing data to continuous monitoring and auditing. Data can be automatically scanned and tagged for sensitive data, resulting in global data estate protection through a single tag-based policy. Immuta’s discovery, secure or access capabilities mainly supports RDBMS/ SQL style access patterns while Privacera supports structured and unstructured data. Additionally, Immuta has no GenAI application security and governance solutions.     

See how Privacera outshines Immuta

Discover the unique advantages of Privacera over Immuta firsthand by signing up for a free trial or requesting a personalized demo. Experience the seamless integration, comprehensive data security, and superior user experience that set Privacera apart. Don’t just take our word for it; explore how our solution can revolutionize your data management strategy.

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Real-time GenAI app security and privacy protection

Privacera AI Governance (PAIG) offers real-time scanning and protection of user inputs into GenAI apps and models as well as model responses in accordance with user permissions and privacy settings. In addition, Privacera can assist with replicating existing source permissions on data used for retrieval augmented generation (RAG) from systems like Sharepoint, Confluent, databases and file systems. In addition, at runtime Privacera can then enforce fine-grained filtering based on user permissions to only retrieve context records based on user’s permissions.  PAIG provides continuous monitoring and auditing to understand model usage and identify bias or gaps in your security posture. Immuta has no ability to secure GenAI applications at runtime against unauthorized or malicious use.

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Realtime GenAi App Security and Privacy Protection

Real-time scanning and classification

Privacera uses AI-powered real-time scanning and detection of sensitive data elements in structured and semi-structured data on more than 20 data sources, while Immuta supports a very small number of relational/ structured sources only. Sensitive data is automatically tagged for subsequent security and privacy controls creation. Privacera provides out-of-the-box algorithms, rules and expressions to support GDPR, CCPA, PHI, HIPAA and various other regulatory frameworks. Plus it enables you to add your own rules and expressions to serve your unique needs. 

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Real Time Scanning and Classification

Native access, security, and privacy enforcement

Privacera provides a universal policy control plane across your entire data estate with more than 50 data sources supported natively. Policies are built once, deployed anywhere. Immuta supports only 6 data sources with a proxy-based architecture that results in a single point of failure and poor performance.

Native access controls means that queries and data access paths are not interrupted while guaranteeing high performance and resilience. Policies are automatically translated by Privacera into data-source specific and native enforcement controls (access policies, masking, encryption) to reduce complexity across multi-service data estates and hybrid cloud.

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Native access security and privacy enforcement

Continuous monitoring and auditing

Privacera continuously and automatically collects all access events across your entire data estate to provide a single-pane-of-glass view for security teams to better understand usage patterns, sensitive data locations, and generally improve their security posture. With Privacera’s broad coverage of data sources, organizations get the most comprehensive observability and insight into their entire data estate, compared to Immuta with a very narrow connectivity spread og 6 connectors only.

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Continuous monitoring and auditing