Accelerate data access, security, and governance at enterprise scale

Privacera’s cloud-native, open standards based platform enables application of uniform policies at scale, faster data delivery, more responsibly, today and into the future.

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Current methods are not sufficient to address the growing challenges

Adoption of
Multi-Cloud, Hybrid IT Architectures

Modern data and analytics infrastructure are complex and encourage data proliferation, leading to complex data pipelines, hundreds of accounts and workspaces and a plethora of data services. In addition, most organizations maintain data and analytical services on-prem and multiple clouds. This translates into hard to manage data access and security, security gaps, and making it impossible to deliver timely access to consumers.

Data Stored Across Multiple CSP Architectures Across Geographies

Data residency regulations and geographic silos have increased the complexity and overhead of administering data access and security, with rules managed in each geography, leading to inconsistent application of data access and security rules. This further complicates an already complicated data and analytics ecosystem and the effort required to create and manage consistent data access and security rules.

Increased Demands on Data Privacy and Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance rules have exploded and continue to get more rigorous with the introduction of regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA with enhanced protections for sensitive data. Organizations need to be able to easily and consistently implement and update rules enterprise-wide and demonstrate compliance.

Complexity is Exceeding
Manual Approaches of Management

Complex, geographically dispersed data environments and a complex web of rules of who can access data has outpaced IT’s ability to make data both secure and accessible. A new federated approach to data security access is emerging allowing implementation of global access and security policy guardrails, while empowering ownership by the business to define who and for what purposes their data can be used, removing IT bottlenecks without compromising security.

Overcome data security and governance challenges

Our customers choose Privacera because we meet all their data security governance needs in a single platform.





One Place for All Your Needs

Privacera integrates Sensitive Data Discovery, Access Management, Encryption, and Workflows in a unified platform to deliver a comprehensive and integrated Data Security and Access Governance solution.

Build Once, Deploy Anywhere

Holistically secure and protect your data with consistent and native enforcement across your hybrid cloud data estate with 50+ connectors across 3 cloud providers.

Built to Scale

Privacera is built on Apache Ranger and does not interfere in the query path by pushing policy enforcement down natively into each data source. There is NO proxy server architecture. And NO single point of failure.

Future Proof Your Solution

Built by the founders of Apache Ranger and Apache Atlas, the Privacera team has comprehensive experience in data security governance, which is why Privacera is built for the enterprise based on open standards.

Powerful Outcomes

to all Data



Data sources across 3 public clouds

Reduce data



Through automation and federated request approvals




With attribute, tag, resource based policy automation

Gartner® names Privacera a Sample Vendor for Data Security Platforms for the second consecutive year

Learn how our DSP simplifies your data governance and enables the modern approach you need to holistically manage data security, risk, privacy, and access.

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