Trust Center

Leverage the Same Infrastructure Security Trusted By Hundreds of Companies

Built to run on top of the leading public clouds, Privacera follows the industry best practice of establishing a Shared Security Model. Relying on these infrastructure providers, Privacera deployments can leverage their advanced physical and cyber security measures.

SOC 2 Type II Attestation

Privacera adheres to relevant compliance frameworks and offers SOC 2 Type II attestation.

Privacera SaaS Built to Meet Highest InfoSec Requirements 

The Privacera SaaS Unified Data Security Platform is designed with a highly secure distributed architecture with a control plane that is fully managed by Privacera and a data plane that resides in the customer VPC environment. This design ensures that no customer data leaves your secure environments and no customer data is stored in the Privacera SaaS environment.

In addition, all requests to the Privacera SaaS environments originate from the customer’s environment, protecting against man in the middle attacks. All requests use TLS 1.2 encryption. All metadata stored in the Privacera environment uses AES256 encryption and when SSO is used, Privacera does not store any password data.

Ensure the Security of Your Data Through Industry-Standard Protocols 

We minimize attack surfaces by following industry standards for network security, authentication, and user provisioning.

Stay Ahead of Security Issues Through Continuous Testing and Reviews

We continuously evaluate and improve upon the security of our applications and infrastructure by proactively identifying and resolving potential vulnerabilities.

Put Your Mind at Ease with Effective Corporate Governance Measures in Place 

Privacera employees are thoroughly vetted, and equipped with industry-standard technology to protect mobile device endpoints as well as production systems. Furthermore, Privacera has a Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD) program that encourages submissions from ethical hackers and security researchers to continuously improve our security posture.

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