Data Security & Access Governance Solution

For sensitive data identification, protection, and access management.

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Privacera’s Unified Data Security Platform

Privacera data security
platform overview

Privacera’s Unified Data Security Platform provides the data governance capabilities you need to manage the entire data security lifecycle to identify and protect sensitive data, and simplify access management across your entire data estate.

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Dashboard for Privacera

Open-standards based

Future-proof your data security. The Privacera platform is built leveraging Apache Ranger and open standards, reducing vendor lock-in and the need for proprietary skills, with a large ecosystem.

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Universal coverage

Privacera has the broadest set of native data sources, protecting more than 50 data sources, with a platform that allows to deliver data security across your entire current and future data estate.

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Integrated into enterprise data governance

The Privacera platform is built to be easily integrated into your broader data governance ecosystem, integrating with coarse-grained IAM systems, like Okta, data catalogs, like Collibra, and security analytics, like Splunk for comprehensive end-to-end data governance with data accessibility and protection.

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The future of data access, security, and governance is open for business

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Privacera Data Security platform capabilities





Identify and Classify Sensitive Data dashboard

Identify and Classify Sensitive Data

Automatically detect and classify sensitive data across your entire data estate using built-in algorithms to ensure simplified, yet comprehensive data security.

Universal Sensitive Data Discovery

Data Security with Data Stewardship

A data security platform to universally manage data access across accounts, services, hybrid, or multi-cloud. Create global data access policies across your entire data estate using tags and attributes, or encryption and masking. Allow data stewards and owners to control their data using data domains and resource-based access control.

Centralized Access Control

Protect Sensitive Data

Comprehensive fine-grained data masking and encryption, integrated with Data Discovery and Access Management, allowing data to be classified, then masked or encrypted based on data classification and user access rights based on their classification level.

Enterprise Encryption and Masking
Audit and Monitor All Data Access with sensitive data audit and reporting dashboard

Audit and Monitor All Data Access

Get a comprehensive view of all sensitive data across your ecosystem with Privacera’s data security platform. See how it has proliferated, where it is located, who and when it has been accessed.

Auditing, Monitoring, Reporting

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