Comprehensive Data Security, Privacy and Governance for the Cloud

With Privacera, enterprises can analyze all their data across AWS, Azure and other cloud services while applying consistent enterprise-grade security and governance controls.

Discovery and Classification

Discover and catalog sensitive data across all your cloud services.

Access Management

Apply fine-grained access management down to the row, column and file-level using Apache Ranger

Anonymization and Masking

Anonymize PII and other sensitive data while maintaining its analytical value.

Our Mission: Govern and Protect Your Data in the Cloud

40% of enterprise data will be in the cloud by 2020, with that number only growing larger every year. Understanding your data as it lands in the cloud, and then enabling secure and compliant access to it is a major challenge.

Complex Infrastructure

Enterprises use disparate databases, datastores and analytics services in the cloud with multiple users accessing the same data.

High Volume and Variety

Data volumes are exploding, particularly in the cloud. The data comes in all varieties: structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

Growing Compliance and Privacy needs

GDPR is already here and the California Consumer Privacy Act goes into effect in 2020. Other countries and US states are soon to follow.

Without Writing a Single Line of Code, Privacera Enables Data Platform Teams To:

Discover and Classify Data

Pinpoint the exact location of sensitive data in your cloud datastores.

Apply Fine-Grained Access Management

Configure and enforce access policies across your cloud environment from a single pane of glass.

Anonymize and Mask Sensitive Data

De-identify data before it is stored in the cloud and control which users can re-identify the data.

Continuously Monitor and Receive Alerts

Detect and respond to malicious activity and compliance violations.

Privacera Integrates with the Apps You Use, Today and Tomorrow

Get full visibility and control across all your on-premises and cloud databases, analytics environments and applications. Privacera gives you a single unified platform to manage risk and protect your most important data.

"The Privacera team has immense experience in building security startups and working with cloud and big data technologies. They are now bringing their experience to build a new approach to identifying sensitive data and preserving security and privacy within applications and databases in the cloud, against malicious threats and accidental misuse."

Alex Bessonov

Former CSO, LG Electronics

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