Data is Your Most Valuable Asset

A plethora of cloud data services finally puts data democratization within reach. But siloed, legacy approaches to data governance and security are preventing enterprises from maximizing the value of their data.

Incomplete View of Data

A database-by-database approach to governance makes it difficult to get a comprehensive view of data across heterogeneous cloud and on-premises data services.

Fragmented Enforcement

The siloed approach to data governance and security combined with legacy tools makes it challenging to apply consistent access policies.

Manual Processes

An incomplete view of data and fragmented policy enforcement means regulatory compliance is largely a manual, error-prone effort.

But there is a better way. Without writing a single line of code, Privacera enables...

Complete Visibility of All Data

Get complete visibility of all your data assets wherever it lives - in the cloud or on-premises.

Consistent Policy Enforcement

Define and enforce fine-grained access policies across cloud and on-premises data and analytics systems.

Continuous Data Protection

Protect data from ingestion throughout its lifecycle, ensuring regulatory and internal compliance.

Easy Compliance Reporting

Generate out-of-the-box and custom reports to prove compliance with internal and external regulations.

Built for Today’s
Cloud-First World

Privacera works across popular cloud data services and boasts a highly scalable architecture to handle petabytes of high-velocity data. And it is a container-based solution for easy deployment and operations.

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