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GigaOm Radar names Privacera a leader

GigaOm names Privacera most innovative platform for data governance

Named a Leader and Outperformer
Why a specialized approach to data access, automation, and cataloging are essential for the future.

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Current methods are not sufficient to address the growing challenges

Growing backlog of data requests from unhappy data consumers

Many organizations have overly restricted access to data resulting in data consumers not being able to get the data they require in a timely manner. Privacera can streamline data security and access with a federated approach that allows global security and governance guardrails with local data stewardship and data access request approvals.

Data security gaps across accounts, services, clouds

Many organizations have an overly open approach to data access that leads to data security gaps, inconsistent data protection, governance, and access controls, which can lead to inappropriate access to sensitive data. Privacera allows organizations to enhance their data security posture, without impeding authorized access to data.

Increased compliance demands with increasing costs to manage security governance

Regulations like GDPR, CCPA, HIPPAA, and PCI-DSS create burdens as organizations already struggle with data proliferation & complex siloed data ecosystems ultimately resulting in higher costs. Privacera enables organizations to create access & security policies once and apply them across your entire data estate.

Derisking Generative AI adoption

Generative AI will transform how businesses operate and unlock unlimited innovation potential, but with great opportunity comes great risks. Generative AI increases the potential for non-compliance, ethical challenges, and sensitive data and IP exposure. Privacera provides a comprehensive AI governance solution that enables Gen AI compliance, security and governance across your AI landscape.

Need visibility into sensitive data across entire data estate

Organizations need to know what sensitive data they have, where it resides, how it is protected, who has access to it, and that all security and privacy rules are consistently enforced. With Privacera organizations can discover and protect sensitive data, monitor access, and integrate with 3rd party security analytic solutions, like Splunk for comprehensive analytics.

Built on Apache Ranger open standards

Maximum integration, unmatched performance, and scalability




Delivering value to the business with

GenAI & Data Security Governance

Single pane of glass, automated and secured








Simplify Data Security Administration

Increase Productivity with Automation

Build data access policies once and deploy everywhere with native connectors to 50+ sources. Privacera supports a wide range of Data Security automation, from Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC), Tag-Based Access Control (TBAC), Integration with IAM/AD, custom conditions, and wildcarding.

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Consistent Fine-Grained Data Security

Consistent Fine-Grained Data Security

Use user and data attributes across more than 50 data sources to ensure consistent application of Data Security Policies down to the File, Table, Column, and Row level. Delivering more granular data protection and a last line of defense from internal and external threats. Leverage a wide variety of data masking and encryption techniques to further protect data.

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Streamlined Compliance with Workflows

Streamlined Compliance with Workflows

Streamline compliance with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and many more privacy regulations by building and maintaining a single compliance workflow and deploy it across your entire data estate. Out of the box support for discovery and classification of PII, HIPAA and other sensitive data.

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Streamline Data Access without Compromising

Right Data to Right People Faster

Logically group data into business oriented domains and delegate approval authority to data owners and stewards to remove IT bottlenecks and accelerate time to insights without compromising security.

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Universal Sensitive Data Discovery & Tagging

Universal Sensitive Data Discovery & Tagging

Automatically identify and tag sensitive data across over 23 data sources and view all sensitive data across your entire data estate with easy to understand dashboards.

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Universal Sensitive Data Discovery & Tagging

Securely Innovate with GenAI

Protect training data and model embeddings. Identify sensitive data that models have access to. Block unauthorized requests. Mask and redact sensitive data in model output to unauthorized users. Audit and monitor model governance across your AI landscape.

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Build once, deploy anywhere

Reducing complexity across your entire data estate with the largest library of native connectors

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Sun Life

“We deployed Privacera for consistent security, compliance, and data governance, across 200 EMR nodes, S3, and on-prem Hadoop environments.”

Don Geukers Director of Emerging Technologies SunLife
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“Privacera extends Apache Ranger to AWS so we can have ‘one Ranger to rule them all’ and help secure our data and have consistent access controls across our hybrid cloud environment.”

Senior Principal Software Architect Multinational Telecommunications Conglomerate
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“We can onboard new users in less than five seconds – it used to take two weeks. Our number of rules has gone down from 1.2 million to a few comprehensive policies.”

Senior Director Global Sports Apparel Manufacturer

“Privacera allows us to meet privacy and data access goals by providing a unified capability to identify and secure sensitive data in a scalable, automated way – enabling us to streamline processes for data security and to empower analysts.”

Chief Privacy Officer Northwestern Mutual

The Blueprint For a Data Governance Program

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