Discover and Monitor Sensitive Data

Identify, monitor, and audit the presence and location of sensitive data

With the broad adoption of complex data pipelines, data lakes and data mesh architectures, the modern data and analytics ecosystem has become highly complex with data being duplicated, transformed, and munged and relocated in multiple files, tables, columns, accounts, services. In fact, most modern data and analytic approaches tend to not only create, but encourage data proliferation. So it is critical to know what sensitive data you have, where and how many different locations it is stored, how it is protected, and who can and has accessed it.

Key Benefits:

  • Identify Sensitive Data
  • Monitor for Data Breach
  • Determine Data Exposure
  • Demonstrate Data Compliance

Privacera allows organizations to know what sensitive data they have, where it is located, how it is protected and who has access to it. You can have access to all the data access controls that have been applied to the data at your fingertips. In addition, our detailed data access logs and sensitive data reports can be integrated into 3rd party analytic tools providing even more powerful analysis, monitoring, and alerting.

Identify Sensitive Data

Sensitive data is likely spread across your data ecosystem, Privacera allows you to identify and view all sensitive data and where it is stored in a single dashboard. Additional dashboards and reports can provide additional information into your sensitive data for more detailed information. Sensitive data can automatically be classified by sensitivity levels, based on the damage inadvertent exposure will cause and global data masking and encryption rules can be applied to prevent exposure.

Monitor for Data Breach

All Privacera detailed log files are stored in a data repository and are able to be easily integrated with and accessed by Data Security Analytical tool, such as Splunk. This allows organizations to use their choice of security analytics and integrate fine grained data access and security monitoring into their existing reports and dashboards, as well as perform advanced analytics on the data. Organizations can also use their advanced threat detection models, anomalous behavior models, and alerting capabilities that are available with their security analytic and monitoring tools.

Determine Data Exposure

Privacera keeps a comprehensive log of who accesses what data and when, allowing you to identify all data an unauthorized user attempted to access and what protections (e.g. clear, masked, encrypted) were in place on that data, as well as who has accessed specific data over a given time period. These data logs can be easily integrated with data security analytics to provide even more powerful analytical capabilities.

Demonstrate Data Compliance

In Privacera, a data access and security policy is more than a written document, it is the actual data access and security enforcement mechanism, which shows what, how, and who can access data and what additional masking and encryption is applied to the data. Privacera provides comprehensive reporting on all data access and security policies, which provide documentation for security and compliance audits to demonstrate that appropriate controls are in place to meet and exceed security and compliance requirements.

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