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Governed data stewardship enables you to:

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Eliminate IT Data Bottlenecks

With governed data stewardship, the business gets data faster, eliminating time-consuming work managing data security and provisioning data access.

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Reduce IT Cost

Reduce people and cost of managing data access through automation and process improvement. Mitigate data proliferation and thereby, compute and storage costs. 

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Empower Business Agility

Empower data stewards who know the data and business context to manage access at the speed of business. Governed data stewardship reduces time to insights by streamlining the data provisioning process and onboarding data to users.

Business-Oriented Domains and Datasets

Data engineers connect data sources to business-aligned data domains and delegate security and data provisioning ownership to data owners and stewards. Data is arranged in a manner that is easily understood by the business. Virtual data domains and datasets eliminate the need to proliferate data for different analytical purposes. 

Business-Oriented Domains and Datasets dashboard view

Domain-Based Policies and Authorizations

Data stewards create local data access and security policies and can easily authorize and provision data to data consumers, ensuring data is secure and used for the right purpose. These user-generated policies are subject to corporate-defined controls and policies. This makes data stewardship an end-to-end process from defining governance policies to managing access provisioning. 

Domain-Based Policies and Authorizations dashboard view

Streamlined Approval Workflow and One-Click Provisioning

IT is completely removed from the day-to-day data approval and provisioning process. Eliminate IT bottlenecks and allow IT to refocus on business-value generation. And with one-click data access provisioning, organizations simplify the data stewards job, while making data more available to the business faster.

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Governed Data Stewardship product overview video

Governed Data Stewardship

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Additional Governed Data Stewardship Benefits

Centralized Visibility and Monitoring dashboard view

Centralized Visibility and Monitoring

All centralized and local policies and controls are continuously audited and monitored to provide a single pane-of-glass view into all sensitive data, policies, and access events.

Easy Data Security Policy Creation dashboard view

Easy Data Security Policy Creation

Natural language combined with intuitive search and auto-fill recommendations greatly simplifies the creation, administration, and management of policies for both technical and non-technical users.

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