Enhance Security Posture with Data Security Solutions

Enhance Data Security Across Your Entire Data Estate

The business impact from data loss is clear. Damage to brand equity, revenue, and growth is increasing. The primary root problem is the complexity, difficulty, and expense of protecting data. Perimeter security, identity management, encrypting data storage, and network traffic security are essential. But not enough. Security must protect across the entire data estate, including protecting sensitive data and providing extra layers of security around it at a very granular level. Organizations must systematically examine their information security and privacy risks, appropriately addressing threats, vulnerabilities, and impacts to protect information assets and satisfy the requirements of ISO 2700X and NIST 800-53. With the right Data Security Platform, enterprises not only protect, but also remove critical bottlenecks, reduce time to insights, and accelerate growth.

Key Benefits:

  • Examine Data Security Risks
  • Comprehensive Security Governance Framework
  • Create Data Security Risk Controls
  • Monitoring and Data Loss Prevention

Examine Data Security Risks

You can’t govern or secure data if you don’t know it exists. With ISO and NIST requiring organizations to manage information security risks, it’s critical to identify and classify sensitive data as it’s ingested, before it’s accessed by users. Our solution enables comprehensive visibility of sensitive data across your data estate, simplifying access control to ensure only authorized users have data access. And you can automatically detect, tag, and classify sensitive data across multiple cloud databases and analytics platforms. You will simplify and accelerate universal data security policy enforcement with the ability to write rules once and deploy anywhere across all your sources.

Comprehensive Security Governance Framework

Satisfy stringent internal and external data security needs with simplified information security controls. Our comprehensive security governance framework supports efficient, compliant data management processes to consistently meet enterprise and regulatory demands. Automation is key to consistent performance. Privacera automates manual data governance security tasks and processes for continuous improvement and enterprise-wide data security. Privacera also supports a federated data security approach where data stewards have the power to create business-specific security rules. Data stewards have the power to determine who can access data and for what purposes, while providing global data security guardrails, so no sensitive data is inadvertently exposed to unauthorized users.

Create Data Security Risk Controls

Leverage an enterprise-wide, comprehensive suite of data security, compliance, and fine-grained policy controls to address data risks and protect data across your entire data estate. A combination of global and local data access control provides comprehensive and granular data security across on-premises and cloud services, even spanning multi-cloud environments. Access controls are built once, deployed anywhere. This approach holistically secures and protects data with consistent and native enforcement across multi-service, hybrid, and multi-cloud data estates.

Monitoring and Data Loss Prevention

Monitor what sensitive data you have, where it is located, who has access to it, and what data security controls you have implemented. Privacera also provides comprehensive audit logs, which can be integrated into your security analytics solution, such as Splunk, to perform detailed analysis and real-time anomaly detection. Detailed audit trails are also key to understanding what data was exposed if a data breach occurs.

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