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Simplified data access policies enables you to:

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Create an access policy once and deploy it anywhere

Create a policy once and deploy it to any of our 50+ supported data services. With Privacera’s data access control platform, a data access and security policy can be create once and natively enforced against multiple accounts, workspaces, data services, and even across different cloud environments, allowing easy and consistent access and security policy management across your entire data estate.

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Data Stewardship with security guardrails

Remove IT bottlenecks and empower data owners and stewards with a federated ownership model, where the people that know the data the best, data stewards and owners, can quickly and seamlessly share data, while maintaining global sensitive data protection policies that ensure privacy and compliance rules across the business are met.

Eliminate piecemeal manual processes

Eliminate piecemeal manual processes with data access management

Eliminate piecemeal manual data security and access management processes with Privacera’s data access control platform. Combining ABAC, TBAC, and RBAC automates and streamlines the on-boarding of new users and data. Native support for more data services than any other vendor, means that your current and future data security needs will be met with minimal extra effort. Tag integration with data catalogs and attribute integration with IAM and other data governance solutions automate data security even further.

Create Attribute-based Access Control (ABAC)

With Privacera’s centralized data access control platform, deliver robust ABAC capabilities, allowing user attributes to be used to create and enforce data access and security policies. There is no need to create extensive user roles and automatically incorporate user attributes from 3rd party identify management applications, such as Active Directory or Okta. Easily incorporate any attribute, such as location, data access classification level, data compliance and security certifications, department, title and many more.

Privacera data access control dashboard showing how to Create Attribute-based Access Control (ABAC)

Create Tag-based Access Control (TBAC)

Manage data access control and security based on data attributes, such as descriptive tags or security data classifications. Integrate with Privacera Data Discovery to auto create tags and/or integrate with 3rd party data tagging or classification solutions. Combine ABAC with TBAC to even further simplify data access control and security management.

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Create Resource-Based Access Controls (RBAC)

Deliver fine-grained resource-based access control, allowing data owners, stewards, or policy creators to apply access controls and data protection to a specific data set, table, file, or row, delivering greater flexibility and highly targeted data access control. This also means that not all data needs the overhead of scanning and tagging, and it can still be governed and secure.

Privacera data access control dashboard view showing options to Create Resource-Based Access Controls (RBAC)
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A simplified and powerful fine-grained data access control platform

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Additional Data Security & Governance Benefits

Privacera Dashboard showing combined ABAC, TBAC, and RBAC for maximum security and flexibility

Combine ABAC, TBAC, and RBAC for maximum security and flexibility

Sensitive data can be auto scanned, tagged, and secured using Data Discovery and tag-based policy controls (TBAC). User Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) can be used to ensure only people authorized to access sensitive data can do so. Combining ABAC and TBAC is a best practice approach to setting global data access and security controls across your entire data estate. RBAC is a best practice approach for data stewards, who know their data best to enable them to control who has access to their data, while remaining compliant with global policies.

Privacera data access control platform integration dashboard for comprehensive data governance

Integration for comprehensive data governance solution

Data Governance and security is complex and involves many components in addition to a unified data security platform, such as data quality, catalogs, discovery, security, and monitoring to name a few. Privacera has pre-defined integrations and an open API to integrate with products like Okta, Collibra, MSFT Purview, Splunk, and many more to create a comprehensive and integrated data governance solution.

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