GigaOm Radar for Data Access Governance 2024

GigaOm radar report

Highest scores across business-critical criteria, including GenAI governance.

“Privacera excels at governing enterprise generative AI systems while facilitating techniques like vector database search and retrieval-augmented generation,” noted GigaOm Analyst and Report Author Andrew Brust.

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Privacera is named a leader three years running and excels at key criteria —elements you should evaluate when considering solutions in this market sector—including table stakes: assumed value, key features: differentiating value, and emerging features: future value.

Notably, in this year’s evaluation, Privacera is recognized as a leader because of its standout ability to natively enforce policies and controls inside source systems, now also providing the same for generative AI (GenAI) applications.

This year’s report arms you with crucial insights on data access governance, highlighting:

  • The pivotal role of data access governance in data security and compliance.
  • Strategies to mitigate risks across myriad access, privacy, and compliance.
  • The importance of automating and centralizing access controls.
  • Insights into how data access governance empowers the use of GenAI, data science, analytics, and business intelligence.
  • An analysis and comparison of the top data access governance solutions.

Get your complimentary copy of the report to understand how Privacera separates itself from the pack once again. And what that means for your organization’s data access governance strategies.