Democratize Data with Automated Secure Access

Become data driven without compromising data security

Balancing data accessibility and data security can be difficult with many organizations implementing overly restrictive data access policies due to complexities in managing complex data ecosystems combined with a myriad of data security and compliance rules. The results can be devastating to the business, creating cumbersome and slow processes to get data and in many cases required data just isn’t available having negative impacts on data driven initiative and the top and bottom line. This approach also can create a false sense of security, since data is “locked down”, but in reality the data may not be as secure as you believe, since sensitive data is typically bucketed into secure silos with highly restrictive coarse-grained access which can result in security gaps with an all or nothing type approach.

A Unified Data Security Platform delivers a more scalable, fine-grained, and secure approach which unlocks data, so that authorized users can quickly and easily access data without compromising security.

Key Benefits:

  • Single Platform with Fine-Grained Protection & Access Control
  • Automation Increases Accessibility
  • Protect and Use
  • Improved Data Stewardship Model

Our integrated solution manages the end to end data security lifecycle from identifying, tagging/classifying, and protecting sensitive data, to creating fine-grained global and local data access controls, monitoring data security, and implementing a federated data security model with data stewardship with security guardrails.

Single Platform with Fine-Grained Protection & Access Control

Eliminate data security and access governance silos and coarse-grained, all or nothing approach to data access, which results in an overly restrictive approach to data access. Some customers have reported that prior to using Privacera, only a small fraction, sometimes as low as 15%, of their data was accessible to to overly restrictive data access policies. Our unified platform allows organizations to go from sensitive data discovery to data protection and access controls with global access control policies that are built once and deployed across your entire data estate. Leveraging fine-grained data security and access controls also allows specific sensitive data to be protected, while allowing the non sensitive data to be easily accessed, resulting in data accessibility and security.

Automation Increases Accessibility

Automate manual data governance security tasks and processes. Our solution automatically discovers sensitive data across your entire data estate and allows data masking and encryption to be applied to sensitive data. Data practitioners, owners, or stewards can create both global and system-specific controls using User Attribute, Data Attribute (tags), and Resource-Based Access Controls. This approach dramatically reduces the time and labor involved in managing an increasingly complex data estate, while making data more widely accessible to authorized users.

Protect and Use

Not all data needs to be or even should be encrypted or masked. Only sensitive data, due to internal security policy, external compliance regulation, or business model. Privacera allows you to pinpoint and protect data that specifically needs protection, by providing fine-grained data masking and encryption at the table, column, or file level. We also support masking and encryption based on user and data attributes, such as classification and tags, so for instance only people with level 1 sensitive data access can see level 1 classified data. Also, Format Preserving Encryption (FPE) can be used, which masks the data, but still allows data to be used for analytical purposes with only authorized users being able to see the unencrypted sensitive data.

Improved Data Stewardship Model

Create a data security model that allows data owners and stewards the ability to implement local data security rules and manage who can access their data and for what purpose, while maintaining global security guardrails. Privacera enable the creation of virtual business data domains that can be assigned to data owners/stewards, allowing them to set business specific data security and compliance controls, and grant access to users requesting data via built-in or external approval workflows. While global or business specific data security controls ensure that data stewards do not inadvertently provide access to data that violate company data security policies. This federated approach to data security and access ensures business ownership, agility, and data security, while streamlining data access.

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