Enterprise Data Encryption and Masking Solutions

Protect sensitive data at rest or in motion with integrated data masking and data encryption solutions.

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Enterprise data encryption and masking solutions enable you to:

Maximize data protection from internal and external exposure

Add an extra layer of data security with data masking and encryption, so sensitive data is protected even if unauthorized access occurs. Combined with Data Discovery and Access Control, Privacera provides fine-grained sensitive data encryption and masking based on user attributes, data classification and tags, or at the table, column, or field level.

Protect and analyze sensitive data

What if you need to hide sensitive data from data scientists or analysts that are building reports or models on that data? Privacera’s data encryption and masking tools offer Format Preserving Encryption (FPE), which allows analysis to be performed on encrypted sensitive data without exposing that sensitive data, while authorized consumers will be able to view all data unencrypted in dashboards and reports, providing greater data agility.

Compliance and Security Rules

Easily create, enforce, and prove data compliance and security rules

Sensitive data can be globally Masked and Encrypted based on data classification levels, and user attributes, such as security authorization, location, job function, and completed compliance certifications. So, data access can be confidently delegated, knowing global compliance rules will still be consistently enforced.

Automated data masking and data encryption solutions

Bringing in a new data set or creating a new data pipeline? Privacera will protect it. Data masking and Encryption can be combined with Data Discovery to automate sensitive data scanning, identification, and application of data encryption or masking. Predefined rules can be created to automatically mask or encrypt new or existing data based on tags and classifications identified in the data discovery process.


Support wide range of encryption and masking techniques

Privacera’s enterprise data masking and encryption solutions offer a wide range of out of the box Encryption and Masking techniques that allow you to apply the right techniques you need depending on the nature of and how you need to use and secure the data. We support Format Preserving Encryption (FPE), AES 128, AES 256 encryption, SHA-128, SHA-256 for hashing, and multiple forms of data redaction and nullify for masking.


Fine-grained data masking and encryption

Not all data needs to be or even should be encrypted or masked. Only sensitive data, due to internal security policy, external compliance regulation, or business model. Privacera’s data masking and encryption solution allow you to pinpoint and protect data that specifically needs protection, by providing fine-grained data masking and encryption at the table, column, or file level. We also support masking and encryption based of data attributes, such as classification and tags.

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Add additional data protection with masking and encryption

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Creating global policies

Privacera’s data encryption and masking solutions allow global data policies to be created once and applied to all your data sources, by encrypting and masking data based on data attributes (tags and classifications). Data, no matter the source, can be scanned, tagged, classified, and based on the results appropriate encryption or masking can be automatically applied. This process can be further automated by integrating attribute-based access control (ABAC), where user data access and other attributes can be automatically incorporated, so data is universally protected across your entire data ecosystem.

View of Privacera’s enterprise data encryption and masking platform

Federating data security management

One of the biggest issues with a shared data ownership model between IT and business, is that the business may inadvertently expose sensitive data through no fault of their own. Privacera’s ability to create and enforce global compliance and security policies removes this risk. Privacera allows data to be logically grouped and delegated to data owners/stewards to share data based on need to know, while Privacera’s global policies using masking and encryption provide security and compliance guardrails, so sensitive data is not exposed to unauthorized or uncertified data consumers.

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