Sensitive Data
Discovery Solution

Automatically discover, identify and classify all sensitive data in real-time to universally protect, manage, and monitor, no matter where it lives.

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Sensitive Data Discovery Tools

Sensitive data discovery enables you to:

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Identify sensitive data
you didn’t know existed

Sensitive data discovery tools automate scanning and identification of sensitive data across a broad range of data sources and apply consistent data classification and tags across your data estate.

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Gain enterprise-wide
view of sensitive data

View enterprise dashboards and reports to understand what sensitive data you have, where it is located, and how it is protected.

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Protect data globally
based on data classification

Combine Data Discovery with Masking & Encryption, user Attributes, and Data Access Control policies to consistently protect sensitive data across your data estate.

Identify Sensitive Data

Privacera automatically scans data in 20+ cloud data sources across all 3 major cloud providers, using a wide-range of out of the box Machine Learning techniques and look up tables to find sensitive data, as well as allow organizations to define their own. In addition, Privacera provides a quality score and allows manual review and adjustments.

Privacera automatically identifies sensitive data

Classify and Tag Sensitive Data

Automatically apply data tags or classifications to sensitive data to identify data attributes and classification levels, which can be used to visualize what sensitive data you have and where it is located. Classifications and tags can be used to automatically protect sensitive data.

Classify and Tag Sensitive Data

Integrate 3rd Party Classifications and Tags

Privacera’s open API allows tags and classifications to be integrated from 3rd parties, like Collibra, Alation, or BigID, so that data can be protected at the source via data masking or encryption. Third party tags and classifications can also be integrated with data access policies to allow access to be controlled based of data attributes.

Integrate 3rd Party Classifications and Tags
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Reinforcing data governance with
data discovery

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Additional benefits of Privacera’s sensitive data discovery solution

Out of the box sensitive data reports and dashboards

Out of the box sensitive data reports and dashboards

Privacera integrates sensitive data identification, tagging, and classification with out of the box dashboards and reports to deliver a comprehensive inventory of all sensitive data, which sources contain which sensitive data, as well as log files that show who accessed what data and when.

Automating global data access policies

Automating global data access policies

Privacera delivers a Unified Data Security Platform that integrates sensitive data discovery, protection, and access management, empowering you to manage the entire data security lifecycle across your entire data estate. This allows you to create global data security guardrails to enforce data security policies, while allowing fine-grained data access to be delegated to data owners/stewards.

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