PrivaceraCloud is Now Generally Available

privaceracloud is now generally available

Industry’s First SaaS-Based Data Security and Governance Platform

By Selva Neethiraj, VP of Engineering

We are excited to announce that PrivaceraCloud, the industry’s first software-as-a-service (SaaS) governance solution is now generally available. PrivaceraCloud is a lighthouse release for Privacera as it sets the strategic direction of the company. CEO and Co-Founder Balaji Ganesan talks about how PrivaceraCloud is more than just a product release and represents the future of the company in a blog post today.

PrivaceraCloud is a fully managed service that provides data governance capabilities across cloud services through a single unified interface. PrivaceraCloud enables organizations to:

  • Centrally define and manage fine-grained access control policies across multiple cloud services
  • Provide alerts and visibility into information required for data audits
  • Produce rich out-of-box and customizable reports and dashboards for compliance, audit, and governance purposes
The many benefits of PrivaceraCloud

PrivaceraCloud runs distributed policy enforcement points within Databricks or AWS cloud environments. Data access policies created and managed in the PrivaceraCloud portal are enforced and synchronized through these policy enforcement points. Enforcement points also log all audit information back to a secure central audit service in PrivaceraCloud.

PrivaceraCloud architecture

PrivaceraCloud provides access controls to secure data in the following cloud-native services and data warehouses:

One of the primary motivations to launch PrivaceraCloud is to lower the operational burden on data infrastructure teams. Prior to PrivaceraCloud, IT teams had to download the software packages from the Privacera download site, provision the environment, perform the installation using VM/ EC2, Docker, or Kubernetes, install the database to store policies, as well as perform infrastructure maintenance, upgrades and ensure infrastructure security and scalability.

PrivaceraCloud, however, can be deployed in mere seconds.

Customers simply sign up for an account without downloading or installing any software
All purpose clusters
Once approved, authorized users will be able to connect to and add additional data sources
The user then selects their dedicated Cloud Platform
The use creates and/or imports data access users for which access policies can be defined
The administrator is now ready to define policies

Security measures we have taken to protect data in PrivaceraCloud include:

Ready to test-drive PrivaceraCloud yourself? Simply signup online for a free trial or for more information, contact us.

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