PrivaceraCloud SaaS Data Access Governance Platform Now Available on AWS Marketplace

PrivaceraCloud SaaS Data Access Governance Platform is Now Available on AWS Marketplace

Earlier this year, we announced the general availability of PrivaceraCloud, the industry’s first fully-managed, SaaS data access governance solution. PrivaceraCloud was built with data teams at the forefront of its technology, with the mission of making the management of sensitive data access across cloud services as easy as possible, regardless of the variation of data services or applications enterprises may use. By doing so, manual processes that all too often overwhelm IT data teams– such as relying on container technology, configuring services, scaling software, or managing the operations and uptime of their environments– are removed from their shoulders, are fully automated, and are managed by PrivaceraCloud. 

Today, we are extremely excited to announce that PrivaceraCloud is generally available to users on the AWS Marketplace!  PrivaceraCloud is ideal for enterprises that want to securely migrate data and analytical workloads from on-premises Hadoop-based data lakes to AWS, while leveraging existing Apache Ranger investments. As we have already seen with current PrivaceraCloud customers, this removes the redundancy of manually recreating access policies to provide a consistent user experience, ensures consistent access permissions across AWS cloud services and applications like S3 and EMR, accelerates on-boarding of new users from weeks to mere minutes, and drives down the overall costs of cloud migration with the elasticity PrivaceraCloud offers.

Are you an AWS user? You can get a free 30-day PrivaceraCloud trial here!

How it Works

PrivaceraCloud runs distributed policy enforcement points within AWS and other cloud environments. Data access policies created and managed in PrivaceraCloud’s portal are enforced and synchronized through these policy enforcement points, which log audit information back to PrivaceraCloud’s secure central audit service.

PrivaceraCloud integrations

PrivaceraCloud-AWS Architecture

Watch our on-demand webinar below to learn more about PrivaceraCloud on AWS.

Key Benefits for AWS Users

PrivaceraCloud centralizes and secures data access governance across AWS services, including, Amazon EMR, Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS, Amazon Athena and Amazon S3, providing enterprises:

  • A fully-managed data access governance solution configured in minutes
  • Trusted Apache Ranger capabilities extended to AWS cloud services 
  • Single-pane data access management across AWS cloud services 
  • Consistent, fine-grained access controls automated across AWS cloud services
  • Comprehensive visibility of data usage for auditing and compliance with industry regulations like CCPA, GDPR, LGPD, HIPAA, RTBF, and more
  • Fully-managed infrastructure maintenance, upgrades, and software installs— no manual user processes required

Ready to simplify and secure your AWS cloud data? Try PrivaceraCloud free for 30-days via the AWS Marketplace! Accounts can be configured in minutes.   

Want to see PrivaceraCloud on AWS first-hand? Visit our booth at AWS re:Inforce August 24-25, to speak to one of our experts and see a live demonstration!

For additional information, or to speak with a member of our team, contact us.

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