Simplified Data Access Governance

A centralized data access, masking and encryption control plane for your entire data estate

Managing data security governance is often siloed by account, data service, and cloud platform, typically with a coarse-grained approach to data access. This results in users either having access to much more data then they require, resulting in high risk of miss-use of sensitive data, or not having enough access to required data, resulting in negative impacts to the business. In diverse cloud data estates these approaches lead to high levels of friction between security, IT and business teams and ultimately result in high levels of complexity and cost for the organization. Taking a Unified Data Security Governance approach systematically across your entire data ecosystem takes a holistic approach, while simplifying data security governance. This approach reduces complexity, cost, and resources, while minimizing business risks, addressing regulatory requirements, formalizing controls, and creating business transparency.

Key Benefits:

  • Single Platform
  • Simplify through Automation
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Improved Data Stewardship Model

Single Platform

Eliminate complexity and close gaps with a single platform for managing data security. This is in contrast to risky DIY (through extensive scripts)  and native data security approaches: manual processes, siloed policies, heavy focus on perimeter security and not enough data security, difficulty enforcing security holistically, and too time- and resource-intensive to manage and maintain. Our unified platform gives organizations that single pane of glass to allow organizations to go from sensitive data discovery to data protection and access controls with global access control policies that are built once and deployed across your entire data estate.

Simplify through Automation

Automate manual data governance security tasks and processes. Our solution automatically discovers sensitive data across your entire data estate and allows data masking and encryption to be applied to sensitive data. Data practitioners, owners, or stewards can create both global and system-specific controls using User Attribute (ABAC), Data tags (TBAC), and Resource-Based Access Controls (RBAC. This approach dramatically reduces the time and labor involved in managing an increasingly complex data estate.

Continuous Improvement

Continuously improve your data governance security. Data leaders can accurately evaluate data security governance program delivery performance with simplified privacy and security dashboards and reporting. This includes comprehensive reports on your sensitive data, how it is protected, a comprehensive view of all your data access controls, and detailed audit trails to understand what data was accessed, by whom, and when. And your internal and external audit teams can efficiently prove compliance with data access policy reports. Audit and reporting data can also be integrated with your data security analytic tool of choice to allow further analysis and event alerting.

Improved Data Stewardship Model

Create a data security model that allows data owners and stewards the ability to implement local data security rules and manage who can access their data and for what purpose, while maintaining global security guardrails. Privacera enables the creation of virtual business data domains that can be assigned to data owners/stewards, allowing them to set business specific data security and compliance controls, and grant access to users requesting data via built-in or external approval workflows. While data security controls, for instance only people with level 1 sensitive data access can see level 1 classified data, can be set up globally, ensuring that data stewards do not inadvertently provide access to data that violate company data security policies. This federated approach to data security ensures business ownership and agility, while keeping data secure.

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