Securing the Cloud: Blueprint for Modern Entitlements and Security

Gartner Hype Cycle for Data Security, 2023

In an era where cloud-based solutions define the landscape of data management, understanding and implementing robust security and entitlements frameworks are no longer optional but essential. This whitepaper provides IT professionals with a comprehensive guide to mastering the complexities of data security in the cloud.

Why This Whitepaper Is Essential for IT Professionals:

  1. In-depth Analysis of Current Threats and Opportunities: Learn about the evolving challenges in cloud data security and the critical need for streamlined entitlements and controls as organizations scale and diversify their data ecosystems.
  2. Strategic Insights into Security Frameworks: Gain expert knowledge on how to balance efficiency, compliance, and security in your data management strategies, ensuring your organization stays ahead of potential breaches and regulatory fines.
  3. Practical Approaches and Solutions: Discover actionable strategies for implementing robust security measures, such as encryption, data masking, and unified data security governance, to protect and manage your organization’s critical data assets.

Three Key Takeaways from Our Whitepaper:

  • Navigating Insurance and Regulatory Pressures – Understand how enhanced data security frameworks can not only prevent breaches but also significantly reduce cyber insurance costs by demonstrating robust control environments.
  • Unified Data Security Governance – Learn why adopting a holistic approach to data security, through unified governance models, enhances operational efficiency and compliance across diverse cloud environments.
  • Advanced Data Access Management – Discover how modern solutions for data access management can accelerate business operations, reduce manual workloads, and ensure that sensitive data remains secure yet accessible to authorized personnel.

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