Nov 16, 2021

Privacera Joins Snowflake Data Governance Accelerated Program to Simplify and Govern Multi-Cloud Data Sharing

Privacera’s market-leading, unified data access governance solution integrates with Snowflake to enable highly-scalable, one-click data access governance and compliance for secure cloud data sharing

FREMONT, Calif., November 16, 2021Privacera, the unified data access governance leader founded by the creators of Apache Ranger™, today announced it has joined the Governance Accelerated Program from Snowflake, the Data Cloud company. Snowflake’s Data Governance Accelerated Program is a new program for select partners who have demonstrated proven success in democratizing data in the areas of data science, data engineering, data governance, and security.

Privacera’s unified data access governance and security platform natively integrates with Snowflake, enabling joint customers to easily manage their cloud data and enforce data access policies from a single location across Snowflake and multi-cloud environments. With single-pane governance and automated access control across thousands of datasets, enterprises leveraging Privacera and Snowflake can reduce manual policy management processes from hours to minutes, accelerate on-boarding of new data users from weeks to hours, and speed access to critical data within minutes for more informed business decisions and secure collaboration across business units.

“Privacera is proud to further its partnership with Snowflake and support their innovative vision for the Data Cloud,” said Keith Feingold, VP of Sales at Privacera. “Being invited to participate in the Snowflake Data Governance Accelerated Program is a testament to our value and our vision, as it will allow our joint customers to seamlessly govern and secure their data across Snowflake and multi-cloud environments and truly maximize their investment without ever compromising security or privacy.”

Privacera provides key capabilities to joint Snowflake customers, including:

  • Simplified management of hundreds of thousands of tables and policies with an intuitive user interface and APIs
  • Global tag-based policies for consistent security across all data sources
  • Dynamic column masking, row-level filtering, and column-level access
  • Dynamic field-level encryption via the Privacera Encryption Gateway
  • Centralized audit records to easily prove compliance with CCPA, GDPR, LGPD, HIPAA, and more
  • Simplified management of permissions for roles and policies for users and groups from Active Directory
  • Delegated policy administration for business groups and data owners
  • Secure, self-service data analytics
  • Native policy enforcement

With new governed data sharing capabilities available in Secure Data Sharing, joint Privacera and Snowflake users gain access to a groundbreaking new framework that simplifies data governance and security, enabling secure data sharing and collaboration for faster, more intelligent business decisions. Users can leverage this shared data to gain a deeper understanding of customers and improve their experiences, while keeping pace with evolving business needs and leveraging Privacera’s advanced privacy and security to ensure data is secured and compliant.

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About Privacera
Privacera’s SaaS-based data security and governance platform enables analytics teams to access data without compromising compliance with regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and HIPAA. Privacera provides a single pane of glass for securing sensitive data across multiple cloud services such as AWS, Azure, Databricks, GCP, Starburst and Snowflake. Privacera’s platform is utilized by Fortune 500 customers across finance, insurance, life sciences, retail, media, consumer industries and federal agencies/government to automate sensitive data discovery and easily manage high-fidelity policy management at petabyte scale on-prem and in the cloud. Headquartered in Fremont, California, Privacera was founded in 2016 by the creators of Apache Ranger™.  Visit or follow @Privacera on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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