November 14, 2023

Privacera’s State Of AI and Data Security Governance Survey: Majority of Businesses (57%) Plan to Utilize a Data Security Platform to Secure Generative AI Models

  • 96% of Businesses are Pursuing Generative AI for Competitive Edge 
  • While Almost All  (98%) Report Prioritizing a Consistent Approach to Security and Governance, 64% Still Utilize Diverse Security Tools for Individual Use Cases – Underscoring the Need for a Unified Data Security Platform

FREMONT, Calif. – November 14, 2023 – Privacera, the AI and data security governance company founded by the creators of Apache Ranger™, today announced the results of its latest survey on generative AI data security trends, revealing that an overwhelming majority of business leaders (96%1), including Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Chief Data Officers (CDOs), and Heads of AI, have either implemented or are exploring generative AI for their business and product enhancement, while 66%* plan to implement an AI data security and governance strategy to avoid the misuse of generative AI models.

Current Adoption of Generative AI + Application by Business Function

Over half (52%) of respondents have already integrated generative AI into their business processes and products, with another 44% expressing a strong interest in adoption. Among these, 53% expressed a keen interest in leveraging the technology to enhance data security within their organizations.

Data Security and Governance Strategies

Two-thirds (66%)* of respondents embracing or exploring generative AI said they prioritize the implementation of AI data security and governance strategies. Additionally, 57%* of respondents indicated a preference for utilizing a dedicated data security platform. 

Notably, the survey revealed a disparity between the importance of having a consistent and automated approach to data security (98%)* and the intention to use different security tools for individual use cases (64%). This clearly indicates a need to establish a unified data security framework, especially as organizations will realize the potential risks involved with the use of a variety of AI models.

“With the emergence of generative AI, public and private Large Language Models, organizations are looking for strategies to deploy and apply universal data security and governance as part of the end-to-end lifecycle for modern AI applications,” said Piet Loubser, SVP of Marketing at Privacera. “These broader security considerations must include together, the securing and compliant use of data for training and fine-tuning of AI models in a consistent manner. While businesses of any size prioritize security, simply piecing together tools and point solutions for specific use cases will not suffice. Data-driven organizations need a comprehensive, unified data security platform to safeguard a wide range of use cases and data applications effectively and at scale.”

Risks and Concerns

Data leakage and breaches emerged as the top concern for these organizations, with 49%* expressing apprehensions about potential vulnerabilities in generative AI usage. Close behind, abuse/data bias was identified as a concern by 39%* of respondents. Additionally, 37%* expressed fears of potential erosion of customer trust due to generative AI implementation.

“As generative AI adoption continues to gain momentum across various business sectors, it’s imperative to recognize that alongside this growth, concerns regarding data security and compliance persist,” Loubser emphasized. “Today, many use cases focus on internal chatbots or productivity enhancements, but everyone is looking for ways to make these applications customer-facing and revenue-generating. Striking the right balance between innovation and safeguarding sensitive information should be a priority. At Privacera, we understand these opportunities and risks, and are committed to delivering a unified data security platform that addresses the evolving landscape of generative AI, data security and governance.”

Investment in Generative AI

Nearly half (48%)* of these organizations plan to allocate up to $1M towards generative AI over the next two years, underscoring the substantial investments in this transformative technology. None (0%) indicated no planned investment, demonstrating the widespread commitment to integrating generative AI into business operations.

As organizations navigate the evolving landscape of generative AI security, Privacera remains dedicated to providing the most comprehensive AI governance solution available today that empower enterprises to leverage generative AI safely and effectively.

Privacera shares the following best practices for adopting generative AI for your business:

  1. Invest in Employee Training: Prioritize educating employees to build confidence in generative AI applications.
  2. Establish Comprehensive Security Policies: Including adaptive access control, least privilege access, and role-based control for information access.
  3. Utilize Unified Data Security Platforms: Opt for platforms to manage various use cases effectively.
  4. Implement Real-Time Controls: Enstate data protection controls, applying encryption and masking based on user attributes and data classification to secure sensitive information.
  5. Centralize Comprehensive Auditing: Data from model usage and interactions should be used to gain insights into user behavior, security, and risk patterns, enabling proactive identification and enforcement of security measures.

For more information and a step-by-step guide to manage data privacy and security for generative AI, visit: Privacera 5 Step Guide. To learn more about Privacera AI Governance (PAIG), please visit the website to request a demo

About Privacera’s The State Of AI and Data Security Governance Survey

Research conducted by Censuswide, on behalf of Privacera.  Privacera’s The State Of AI and Data Security Governance Survey, conducted between October 3rd and 6th 2023, includes responses from 250 US-based Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Chief Data Officers (CDOs), and Heads of AI. The data gathered sheds light on the increasing interest in generative AI adoption and the associated concerns surrounding data security and governance. Censuswide abides by and employs members of the Market Research Society which is based on the ESOMAR principles. 

About Privacera’s AI Governance (PAIG)
PAIG is a comprehensive governance tool that secures the entire lifecycle of AI applications, ensuring the protection of sensitive data from the sensitive data discovery and fine-tuning phases to user interactions feeding AI-powered models, model outputs, and continuous monitoring through comprehensive audit trails. PAIG empowers organizations to responsibly harness the power of generative AI by offering deep visibility into risks across model use, applying consistent controls to AI applications and their underlying data. PAIG’s key capabilities include the discovery and classification of sensitive data, protection of models from exposure to sensitive information, real-time security of sensitive data inputs and outputs, comprehensive observability, and seamless integration with existing security tools through an open and extensible SDK. PAIG stands as a vital solution for organizations seeking to leverage the potential of generative AI across a diverse range of applications, offering robust security measures for structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data sets.

About Privacera
Privacera, based in Fremont, CA, was founded in 2016 by the creators of Apache Ranger™ and Apache Atlas. Delivering trusted and timely access to data consumers, Privacera provides data privacy, security, and governance through its SaaS-based unified data security platform. Privacera’s latest innovation, Privacera AI Governance (PAIG), is the industry’s first AI data security governance solution. Privacera serves Fortune 500 clients across finance, insurance, life sciences, retail, media, consumer, and government entities. The company achieved AWS Data and Analytics Competency Status and partners with and supports leading data sources, including AWS, Snowflake, Databricks, Azure and Google. Privacera is recognized as a leader in the 2023 GigaOm Radar for Data Governance, was named a 2022 CISO Choice Awards Finalist, and received the 2022 Digital Innovator Award. The company is also named a “Sample Vendor” for data security platforms in the Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Data Security, 2023. Learn more at

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*Those who have applied or are interested in applying generative AI to their business and products

1’We already apply this’ and ‘We are interested in applying this’ combined 

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