Privacera on Azure: Centralized Cloud Data Access Governance for Industry-leading Privacy and Security

Privacera on Azure: Centralized Cloud Data Access Governance for Industry-leading Privacy and Security

It’s been an exciting year already for our partnership with Microsoft Azure!

In our first quarter alone, we launched the Privacera Platform on the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace, an online store that offers customers more than 17,000 certified apps and services tailored to meet their needs and help accelerate their business development.

Earlier this month, we announced that PrivaceraCloud, the industry’s first SaaS data access governance solution, is also now available on the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace to offer customers a fully-managed data governance solution that can be configured in minutes. 

And now, if you’re curious about how Privacera on Azure can help your enterprise centralize its data governance across all your cloud services and applications, reduce manual access management burdens on your data teams, and easily prove compliance with industry and privacy regulations, read our new case study

Data Governance on Azure
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Privacera on Azure Overview: Sensitive data visibility and secure data sharing 

If you’re new to Privacera, here’s a quick recap of our integration and mission with Azure: 

Privacera on Azure helps data-driven enterprises balance a difficult dual mandate: making data accessible across the organization for use in data science and business initiatives, while ensuring data fully respects the boundaries of customer privacy and regulatory compliance. Achieving this, however, can be difficult and complex, as most enterprises use a variety of cloud services and applications, resulting in scattered data that is hard to access, hard to control, and hard to secure. 

Privacera’s seamless, API-driven technology on Azure helps enterprises address these challenges by centralizing and simplifying data visibility and access management across all public cloud services – from a single pane, enabling data teams to: 

  • Securely share data across the Azure infrastructure stack – including ADLS, PowerBI, Cosmos, Synapse, and Azure Databricks- as well as other leading cloud services from a single location 
  • Automatically apply fine-grained data access controls (row-, column-, and file) consistently across all data sources
  • Enable seamless data governance and privacy with no performance impact
  • Reduce manual processes and burdens with a centralized location to enforce consistent controls across cloud services
  • Provide full transparency of data access and usage with real-time data discovery and rich audits
  • Easily prove compliance with privacy and industry regulations like GDPR, LGPD, CCPA, HIPAA, and more

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To learn more about how Privacera and Azure work together to centralize and secure data access management and governance, check us out on the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace, or visit our website to request your FREE 30-day trial of PrivaceraCloud on Azure.  

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