Privacera and Starburst Support Launch of Delta Sharing With Open Source-Powered Partnership

Privacera and Starburst Support Launch of Delta Sharing With Open Source-Powered Partnership

By:  Rajiv Dholakia, Privacera VP of Product and Jess Iandiorio, Starburst Chief Marketing Officer 

Privacera’s mission and technology were built on an open-source philosophy, powered by the notion that cloud computing should be free of vendor lock-in, rigidity, and complexity. In order to change the future of data sharing – the future of the data industry itself – we took our Apache Ranger roots and re-potted them in the cloud to give our customers the flexibility and agility they want, with the advanced security and privacy they need. 

As we build our ecosystem of partners, we seek out those whose goals and missions align with ours, whose technologies practice what they preach. That’s one of the many reasons we’re proud to partner with companies like Starburst and Databricks, who both believe the future of data is driven by the need for open, secure sharing– no matter the cloud services, applications, or vendors. 

Starburst continues to demonstrate this with its rapid, scalable SQL-based MPP query engine to run analytics at scale wherever their data is stored, on any data types they have. Extending this ease of use, Privacera’s Ranger-powered integration with Starburst ensures an integral layer of enterprise-grade governance and privacy to ensure security is never sacrificed at the expense of flexibility or at the expense of data teams’ sanity.   

In fact, Starburst has been a supporter of the lakehouse architecture since its inception, and the company is committed to being the best-distributed query engine to lakehouses (like those built with Delta Lake) due to the economics, flexibility, and ability to run analytics on all data types.

That’s why, together with partners like Starburst, we’re proud to support the launch of the first open source project for secure data sharing, Delta Sharing, announced recently by Databricks at the Data and AI Summit. 

“At Databricks, we understand the challenge data providers face in making data secure, easily accessible, and widely available across enterprises,” said Pankaj Dugar, VP of Product Partnerships at Databricks. “Delta Sharing, supported by partners like Privacera and its advanced governance and privacy technology, will enable open, secure data sharing between organizations, regardless of platform or vendor, and greatly improve the way the industry consumes data.” 

Delta Sharing will remove the roadblocks enterprise data teams face daily and open up the world of secure data sharing beyond boundaries of vendors or cloud platforms with four key benefits: 

Flexible data consumption: Built on open data formats like Apache Parquet and Delta Lake, Delta Sharing enables users to consume shared data from their tools of choice, both providing a wide range of support, as well as reducing the burden on IT teams by removing the need to continually set up new data warehouses. 

Open data sharing:  Delta Sharing enables users to share the same data, without manually copying it from one datasource to the other. 

Enterprise-grade security and governance: With capabilities like Privacera’s single-pane data visibility and fine-grained access control, Delta Sharing centrally tracks data access, enforces policies from a unified interface, and provides comprehensive usage reports to easily prove compliance.  

Future-proof scalability: Leveraging data lakes’ low costs and flexibility, Delta Sharing is designed to scale as data volume continues to increase, ensuring uninterrupted performance and reliability with economic viability. 

To hear more about Privacera and our mission, watch CTO Don Bosco Durai’s sessions from this year’s Data and AI Summit:

To learn more about how Privacera and Starburst work together, check out these resources, or visit /partners/:

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