Securely Query Anything, Anywhere, and Ensure Consistent Governance and Compliance

Securely Query Anything, Anywhere, and Ensure Consistent Governance and Compliance

By: William Brooks, Privacera Director of Solutions Engineering and Claudius Li, Starburst Product Manager

With the Privacera-Starburst Data technological integration, we are providing enterprises a truly secure way to access their data — no matter where it resides, or where they’re querying from — with consistent data governance and compliance across multi-cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Integration Overview

Privacera and Starburst Enterprise are integrated via a lightweight Apache Ranger plug-in, enabling users to take advantage of the trusted capabilities of Apache Ranger to provide secure access to data across modern, cloud-first data platforms, as well as established, on-premises data repositories.

Leveraging Starburst Enterprise, built from the Trino (formerly, PrestoSQL), users can query multiple data sources across both their on-premises and cloud infrastructures — enabling immediate analysis of siloed data without costly data warehouse appliances, significantly reducing the need to move or copy data, and streamlining access to data for rapid analysis and quicker time-to-value. With Privacera Platform’s automated governance capabilities, users can ensure data is protected, whether it’s at rest or in motion. Governance policies are immediately enforced using fine-grained access controls (down to file-, row-, and column-level) to ensure sensitive data is protected from unauthorized access.

Users can also take advantage of new Privacera Access Workflows, enabling even more customization of access controls. Users can browse Privacera’s data inventory and request access to data based on functional roles, projects, data sharing agreements, or engagements, as well as directly request specific sets of data resources (“à la carte”) or classifications. This functionality streamlines the data access request process for users and the approval process for administrators by enabling bulk access requests, single-click approvals, and automated provisioning.

To further automate governance for users, the Privacera Platform can automatically migrate enterprises’ existing on-premises policies to the cloud and enforce them immediately in Starburst — alleviating the manual, time-consuming process of rewriting policies from scratch. This seamless functionality enables enterprises using Starburst Enterprise Presto to:

  • Maintain their policies both for their legacy systems and Trino’s diverse catalogs, spanning more than fifty data platforms
  • Implement consistent governance and privacy policies across their IT infrastructures to meet the rapidly expanding burden of privacy regulations including GDPR, LGPD, PIPEDA, and CCPA
  • Increase productivity for administrators, while providing complete visibility of sensitive data from a single location

Learn More

To learn more about the Privacera-Starburst integration, join us for a live demonstration on January 20, in which we’ll cover key features and explore how to leverage our solution to build an enterprise-ready, resilient, elastic infrastructure at extreme scale.

We’ll also be sponsoring Datanova 2021, so be sure to attend this free, virtual event to hear more from our team and the challenges we’re solving together with Starburst for the data community.

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