Introduction to Apache Ranger

Introduction to Apache Ranger

Apache Ranger is the leading open-source project for data access governance for Big Data environments, including Apache Spark. It’s in use at hundreds of enterprises around the world, and for good reason. Defining and enforcing data access control policies to sensitive data is more important than ever with the emergence of data privacy regulations such as the EU’s General Data Privacy Regulation and the recent California Consumer Privacy Act.

Compliance with GDPR, CCPA and other data privacy regulations requires enterprises to limit access to sensitive data to authorized users only. Most enterprises also have their own internal data access best practices, which are easy to write on paper but more difficult to enforce in production environments. That’s where Apache Ranger comes in.

In the first installment of our Apache Ranger 101 series, I provide an introduction to Apache Ranger, including an overview of the Ranger architecture and the data sources with which it integrates.

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