Everyday Data Governance with Privacera

One of the major challenges that many organizations face after adopting data governance principles is how to operationalize these guiding principles into everyday business processes. Unless data governance is part of day-to-day work practices it becomes another task for employees to complete, which can complicate the success of the data governance program. 

Automation and repeatability can play a major role in helping organizations incorporate effective data governance practices in their day-to-day processes. As part of data governance, the process of authorizing users’ access to data begins with identifying where sensitive pieces of data reside in the enterprise data ecosystem. Given the number of data services and technologies used by companies and the volume of data in each, it is impossible to identify sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII) in a company’s data repositories without automation. 

One of the ideas underpinning Privacera’s approach to data governance is a set of repeatable activities as shown in the following diagram. This model can accommodate a wide variety of day-to-day work practices:

Privacera comes with a proven framework to automate the process of detecting sensitive elements in data. This framework is flexible enough to be tailored by organizations to meet their specific daily needs. 

  • Organizations who do not yet have day-to-day governance processes in place can use Privacera software’s years of experience to help define them 
  • Organizations who already have day-to-day governance processes in place can adapt their use of Privacera software to fit them
  • After securely connecting Privacera to your datasources, you can initiate automated scans to discover potentially sensitive elements in data
  • With frequent reports and automated notifications, you can monitor the results of discovery scans
  • The scanning and monitoring mechanism gives you critical information about the location of the data and more time to focus on the core problem to solve: analyze those data sources to determine how best to protect them
  • Based on your analysis, you can  further refine the scanning to yield sharper, more tailored results

  • Account administrators, who manage sensitive data source connections and create data domains based on those datasources
  • Data owners and data co-owners, who create projects based on data domains and grant or deny user access to those domains
  • Data users, who work with the data protected by those data domains

For more information about Governed Data Sharing, see PrivaceraCloud 4.0 Brings Governed Data Sharing from Concept to Reality.

These are just a few of the ways that you can use Privacera software in your organization’s day-to-day data governance work. There are many other ways that you will discover. Privacera’s goal is not to achieve day-to-day data governance compliance for you, but to help you achieve it yourself.

Learn more about Privacera here, or contact us to schedule a call to discuss how we can help your organization meet its dual mandate of balancing data democratization with security to maximize business insights while ensuring privacy and compliance.

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