Big Data London

Olympia, London
20-21 September 2023 | Stand no. 350

Big Data London

Generative AI, like ChatGPT, has created a lot of buzz around how it will change our world for the better. But with that buzz comes fear over potential risks to data privacy and security.

Rightfully so. When combined, various data sets each bring their own unique privacy and compliance requirements. They also create concerns around bias, intellectual property, privacy, personally identifiable information (PII), and internal and external security and governance.

To stay on top of it, enterprises must consider their security posture for the models and data banks that feed their AI initiatives.

Meet Privacera at Big Data London to explore how we can help you navigate today’s data, security, and compliance challenges to bring you:

  • Real-time discovery and tagging of sensitive data
  • Fine-grained data access controls, masking, and encryption
  • Policy-based allow and deny prompts and responses
  • Continuous AI-powered auditing and monitoring

Stop by stand no. 350 to meet the Privacera team and make sense of how you secure and govern your data across your data estate and for the new age of generative AI.

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Data Security Governance in the Age of Generative AI

Complex data, regulatory compliance, and organization landscapes can create major data security and governance challenges. Throw Generative AI into the mix and the stakes go even higher.

Generative AI models can be a powerful insight and productivity tool if used properly, but they can also open organizations to unprecedented risk. Many go as far as banning their use with internal data. Now, beyond data governance and security for internal and external data consumers, you need to secure and govern your AI models and your organization’s use of them.

Join Balaji Ganesan, Co-Founder, and CEO of Privacera, as he discusses unified data security governance and why it’s the starting point for Generative AI. He’ll share strategies for:

  • Automating and governing the data lifecycle with unified data governance.
  • Streamlining data security and access using modern governed data stewardship.
  • Extending security and governance into Generative AI and model ingest and output.

Balaji Ganesan
Speaker: Balaji Ganesan, CEO & Co-Founder, Privacera

Time: Wednesday 20 September 2023, 14:40 – 15:10

Location: Data Governance Theater

Join us for Dinner

Enjoy the splendid combination of a savory dinner and lively conversation with your peers and the Privacera team at Beaufort House. Chat one-on-one and with the group about data access policies and control, ideate on shared goals, commiserate in common obstacles, and get excited about the next steps of your data journey.

When: Wednesday, 20 September 2023

Time: 7:00 pm


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Meet the Privacera team at Stand no. 350 to get answers to your data security governance questions and learn how Privacera AI Governance can help you work faster, and see a demo. Beat the crowd at the booth and schedule your time with use in advance!


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