Accelerate Hadoop Migration to Amazon EMR with Privacera

Hadoop migration to EMR

Migrating to Cloud Provides Business Agility and Cost Savings

There are many reasons why organizations are migrating analytical workloads to the cloud, but two of the biggest are for business agility and to control costs. The cloud allows organizations to easily scale up or down clusters to meet computing needs, no fixed hardware that limits agility and no over-building systems and the associated costs to handle peak capacity that leave system resources underutilized. So it is no surprise that organizations are migrating their on-premises Hadoop and Spark-based workloads to one of the most popular cloud data analytics services for Hadoop and Spark-based workloads, Amazon EMR.

Cloud Migrations are Challenging

There are many components that need to be migrated when moving to the cloud, such as storage, both file system and metastore, compute engines, governance policies, and user synchronization. Doing all this can be challenging, since you do not want to interrupt existing analytical processes, or disrupt any of your current use cases once you move to the cloud. A recommended approach for a successful and seamless on-prem Hadoop to AWS migration is to leverage the existing model of data governance, security , analysis and exploration as implemented in Hadoop distributions such as Hortonworks/Cloudera Data Platforms. Using a combination of Amazon EMR and Privacera would enable end users such as data scientists, data analysts, developers, and power users to seamlessly transition to cloud data analytics using tool sets like Spark, Hive, and Ranger on Amazon EMR.

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Amazon S3 and Amazon EMR simplify storage and compute migration, while Privacera simplifies and accelerates migration of governance policies, and with Amazon EMR user synchronization. 

Accelerate and Simplify Cloud Migrations with Privacera

Privacera is based on Apache Ranger which is the policy governance creation and management tool of choice for on-prem deployments of Apache Hadoop/Hortonworks/Cloudera/MapR. This means that Ranger policies, both tag and resource-based policies can simply be exported and imported, basically lifted and shifted, into Privacera and be applied directly to migrated Amazon EMR clusters. Active Directory can also be integrated with Amazon EMR and Privacera for authentication on Amazon EMR clusters. Privacera’s UserSync can be integrated with Active Directory to apply users, groups, and role-based policies in the Amazon EMR clusters. Single sign-on can also be used to gain access to Zeppelin for running SQL queries, ensuring a familiar user experience in the cloud.

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Benefits of using Privacera as part of migration process with Amazon EMR

Privacera can accelerate cloud based migrations by eliminating months from policy migration. Some Privacera customers have taken a process that would have taken 6 months to complete and condensed it into less than a week. Additionally, with Privacera, data security and access management is removed from the migration critical path and allow for robust data security and access management on day one of your cloud environment go live date. Finally, organizations can take advantage of advanced capabilities within Privacera, such as a governed data stewardship model or an attribute-based access control, to modernize their approach to data security and access management without incurring dependencies onto their cloud migration initiative.

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