Rethinking the Modern Data Stack for the Age of Gen AI

Gartner Hype Cycle for Data Security, 2023

This whitepaper discusses evolution and significance of the Modern Data Stack in managing the data flow from ingestion to consumption and emphasizes the need for integration with Generative AI and enhancing data operations with advanced governance, observability, and security. Modern data architectures must adapt to incorporate large language models (LLMs) and ensure data privacy and security across the entire data lifecycle.

Read this whitepaper to learn about:

  • Evolving Data Ecosystems: The Modern Data Stack has transitioned from traditional data warehousing to more dynamic, cloud-based frameworks that support real-time, predictive analytics and ensure interoperability across diverse data ecosystems.
  • Integration of Generative AI: The paper stresses the importance of updating the Modern Data Stack to integrate Generative AI, highlighting the need for an architecture that supports LLMs while maintaining data governance and security.
  • Privacera’s Role: Privacera aids organizations in securing data across various platforms, including cloud data lakes and Generative AI systems, by automating sensitive data discovery and implementing role-based access controls, thus facilitating secure, efficient data access and compliance.

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