Emergence of Data Security Governance: A Roadmap to Business Success

Digital transformation and rapid cloud adoption massively impact security postures for organizations of all sizes. The new world of zero perimeters and separation of data storage, compute, and consumption requires a new, holistic approach to access security and provisioning. In their latest Hype Cycle for Data Security 2022, Gartner expands on a new concept—Data Security Governance. Specifically, Data Security Platforms as a modern approach to comprehensive data security and access controls in a world demanding more, faster access to data.

Watch this webinar to hear Privacera SVP of Product, Rajiv Dholakia, discuss:

  • Utilize Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Data Security for your operations
  • Solve data and privacy regulation challenges with data security governance
  • Develop a single data security control plane via the unification of tools within a Data Security Platform.

Leaders are challenged to support business objectives while achieving consistent data security across the accelerating evolution of multicloud and hybrid IT architectures. Listen now to emerge more holistically secure and agile.

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