Privacera and Starburst Data: Enabling Secure Queries and Consistent Governance and Compliance

This webinar discusses how the Privacera-Starburst integration provides a secure infrastructure to run federated queries across multiple cloud and hybrid cloud databases without sacrificing privacy, governance, or compliance.

Topics include:

  • How to implement scalable, robust fine-grained access controls for federated query environments like Starburst.
  • How to leverage the Privacera-Starburst solution to build an enterprise-ready, resilient, elastic infrastructure at extreme scale.
  • Understanding access patterns across heterogeneous, cloud-native services and platforms to enable centralized audits for legal, regulatory, and corporate compliance.
  • How to migrate access controls from legacy data management platforms like Hadoop to modern, cloud-native architectures.

William Brooks, Director of Solutions Engineering at Privacera
Claudius Li, Product Manager at Starburst Data

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