Privacera and Starburst Data: Enabling Secure Queries and Consistent Governance and Compliance


This webinar discusses how the Privacera-Starburst integration provides a secure infrastructure to run federated queries across multiple cloud and hybrid cloud databases without sacrificing privacy, governance, or compliance.
William Brooks, Director of Solutions Engineering at Privacera
Claudius Li, Product Manager at Starburst Data
Topics include:
How to implement scalable, robust fine-grained access controls for federated query environments like Starburst
How to leverage the Privacera-Starburst solution to build an enterprise-ready, resilient, elastic infrastructure at extreme scale
Understanding access patterns across heterogeneous, cloud-native services and platforms to enable centralized audits for legal, regulatory, and corporate compliance
How to migrate access controls from legacy data management platforms like Hadoop to modern, cloud-native architectures

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