Trino Summit 2021: The Future of Cloud

Trino Summit 2021: The Future of Cloud

Decentralized Data Ownership with Unified Governance

Privacera was a proud partner sponsor of the first-ever Starburst Trino Summit 2021 where our Director of Product Management, Vincent Goveas spoke on The Future of Cloud: Decentralized Data Ownership with Unified Governance. In this presentation, Privacera’s Vince Goveas will discussed the benefits of a modern data governance framework built to enable data domains and data sharing, how to build it securely, and implement it across the open cloud for accelerated business insights and a future-proof, data-driven organization.

As enterprises continue to collect and store vast amounts of data, assets and processes are increasing in complexity; traditional data governance frameworks must evolve in order to keep pace with this influx, as well as ever-changing business needs. In order to drive business transformation and enable cross-functional data sharing/collaboration across organizations and between partners, customers, and suppliers, data ownership must be decentralized to put responsibility into the hands of people who are most familiar with the data they work most closely with (e.g., creating data domains). However, decentralizing data ownership can create risks if there is a lack of controls, since the compliance and regulatory landscape continues to evolve across geographies and standards like GDPR, LGPD, CCPA, and more.

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