Privacera AI Governance (PAIG)

Unified data security governance for generative AI models and applications

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Optimize and modernize with Privacera’s Unified AI Governance

Generative AI and large language models (LLMs) revolutionize enterprise operations and customer interactions. For true success, you must do it securely and responsibly with data privacy, security, and compliance. Revolutionize across your modern data, analytics, and AI enterprise estates with Privacera AI Governance (PAIG).

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Vector Database Protection

Privacera AI Governance (PAIG) fortifies GenAI applications by replicating source-system policies and controls into Vector Database controls. This guarantees access to sensitive or restricted data is visible for authorized users only. Utilizing granular permissions and real-time scanning, PAIG ensures strict access control and compliance. This tailored management enhances overall data security posture and meets regulatory standards.

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Model-prompt and response filtering

Inputs into and outputs from GenAI applications need to be done securely and safely in accordance with your policies and guidelines. Fine grained data access controls and guardrails powered by our own and open libraries to ensure unauthorized and malicious behaviors are blocked or redacted based on policies and rules.

Continuous monitoring and auditing

Centralized collection on all inputs, outputs, model and retrieval augmented generation processes to provide continuous view into usage patterns and security posture. Dashboards provide aggregate visibility and monitoring across all GenAI apps in your estate.

AI-Powered Data Governance and Security for GenAI Apps

Built on the existing strengths of Privacera, PAIG combines purpose-built AI and LLMs to drive your dynamic, consistent, enterprise-wide security, privacy, and access governance.

Real-time discovery
and tagging with PAIG

Training data for generative AI models and embeddings are continuously scanned for sensitive data attributes, then easily tagged. You can leverage more than 160 prebuilt classifications and rules. Your organization can expand on these based on your unique requirements.

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PAIG offers data access controls, masking, and encryption

Fine-grained data-level controls are established based on your sensitive data discovery and tagging. Efficiently mask, encrypt, and remove sensitive data in your pre-training data pipeline.

Policy-based allow/deny prompts and responses

Real-time scanning of user inputs and queries for sensitive data elements. Apply appropriate privacy controls based on user identity, data access permissions and governance policies with Privacera’s AI Governance.

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Redact/de-identify sensitive data with PAIG

Real-time scanning for sensitive data elements in model responses. Apply appropriate controls based on user identity and data access permissions.

PAIG offers AI-powered auditing and monitoring

Continuous monitoring and collection of all model usage,  user behaviors, responses, and access events into LLMs to drive analytics into usage, security, and risk patterns.

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Privacera AI Governance (PAIG)

Use GenAI to Safely Disrupt Your Industry and Workforce

Govern your AI or lose more than you gain.

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  • Ensure secure and compliant AI model training.
  • Automate sensitive data protection and access.
  • Obtain real-time AI usage and risk analytics.
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