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The Industry’s First AI Data Security Governance Solution

Privacera AI Governance (PAIG) helps Fortune 500 enterprises securely capitalize on the Generative AI revolution. Generative AI and LLM innovation must be executed responsibly, with comprehensive data privacy and compliance baked in.

Data Security Governance for AI

To ensure the safety of sensitive information, it’s crucial to establish robust data security measures for generative AI. Here are a key considerations PAIG addresses for your enterprise:

  • Real-time sensitive data discovery and classification for training data and embeddings
  • Protect sensitive data in prompts and responses
  • Security auditing and monitoring for generative AI models

The future is bright, and generative AI has the power to reshape how we work and communicate. Embrace transformational potential while properly protecting your data and privacy in a holistic, sustainable way. Request your PAIG demo today.

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