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The Data Security and Privacy Solution for GenAI Based on Open Standards

You have started kicking the tires on building your first GenAI app or chatbot – used by internal users only with non-sensitive data. But now you are ready to expand – more data, more users! More risk!

PAIG (Privacera AI Governance) can help you accelerate your GenAI journey. You need open standards to open doors to rapid innovation, balancing the data security and privacy mandates while rapidly experimenting and developing your GenAI apps and Chatbots. Request a demo to see how we’ll help you with both.

See critical GenAI security and governance capabilities in action:

  • Protect training data from the widest range of structured and unstructured data sources before it gets into your LLM and vector databases.
  • Create role, attribute and tag-based policies to manage what data can be inserted into the GenAI app as well as what results are displayed by the apps to users.
  • Fine grained access control, classification and data filtering of vector database or RAG (retrieval-augmented generation).
  • Automatically scan, redact, block or allow sensitive or unauthorized data in prompts or responses in real-time based on user privileges.
  • Continuous auditing and observability to understand all app and model access, presence of sensitive data and usage patterns.
  • Easily integrate the PAIG agent into your GenAI app and connect to LangChain, Python and others to ensure data security regardless of your LLMs or vector database choices. 

You’re expanding the data in your GenAI models and vector databases, increasing the potential business value of your app, but increasing the risk of unintended data leakage. Get in control of data security for GenAI today! Request your demo now.

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