Unified Data Security for Collibra

Privacera partners with Collibra to provide Collibra customers with end-to-end data governance for their Collibra environment

Integrated sensitive data discovery, classification, policy creation, and control implementation

Privacera partnership and integration with Collibra combines two world-class platforms to deliver a complete, unified compliance management solution. Collibra delivers a world class data catalog and Privacera delivers a world-class data access and security platform. Combined, we allow data stewards to manage an end-to-end data governance process for sensitive data discovery and classification that automatically protects and provisions data based on said classifications. As a result, enterprise organizations receive comprehensive governance and data compliance reporting featuring cutting-edge technology.

Automate Data Security

With a simple click, Privacera imports Collibra data classifications, which are used to identify the risk related to unauthorized exposure of data. Based on these classifications as well as user groups, roles, or attributes for team members, Privacera can automatically apply masking and encryption policies natively within source systems, securing data and eliminating manual data security and governance efforts. This streamlines the compliance and governance process and ensures data is protected and privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA are adhered to.

Simplify Data Provisioning

Privacera also enables organizations to leverage Collibra classifications for fine-grained access controls, delivering automated data provisioning based on data classification and user groups, roles, or attributes. This enables granular control over who can access specific data assets, allowing for authorized data access for all users and data confidentiality throughout the data management lifecycle.

Simplify creation and management of data compliance rules

Privacera allows for data privacy and compliance rules to be created once using our compliance workflows and applied across your AWS services, greatly simplifying implementation of regulations, such as GDPR, RTBF, CCPA, and HIPPA. And as rules evolve and modifications to security and access policies are needed, just update the relevant compliance workflow once and it is immediately applied across your entire data estate.

A single view of compliance

Privacera integrates data security and access control policies, that show what protections are placed on what data and who has access to what data, into Collibra. The integration of data security and access control policies that are created and enforced in Privacera, allows data stewards, internal auditors, and external auditors to have a single place within Collibra for demonstrating regulatory compliance. This way Organizations can quickly and more easily take auditors from compliance policy to compliance controls all within Collibra.

Automate Collibra data shopping cart experience

Privacera can also be integration into the Collibra shopping cart experience either using Collibra’s checkout experience or a 3rd party workflow engine, such as ServiceNow. This integration can fully automate the data provisioning process upon data access approve, removing time consuming manual processes, thus making data provisioning instantaneous and freeing up valuable resources. Additionally, customization is available to fit your specific needs.

Comprehensive audit trail

Privacera also provides comprehensive monitoring and reporting of all data access, usage, and modifications. This comprehensive audit trail allows organizations to further demonstrate compliance, identify suspicious activities, and effectively perform data governance audits. This streamlines the compliance process, ensures sensitive data is protected, and privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, are adhered to. These audit logs can also be integrated into a security analytics solution to monitor for data breaches, thus reducing risk and potential regulatory penalties.