Privacera Extends New Snowflake Capabilities

Privacera Extends New Snowflake Capabilities to Reduce Data Access Governance Complexity & Provide Faster Time to Compliance

Reduces Data Access Governance Complexity & Provides Faster Time to Compliance

Snowflake helps drive accelerated, open cloud adoption by offering enterprises a unified infrastructure to securely share data internally across organizations and externally with partners, customers, and suppliers– alleviating the need for separate data platforms, data warehouses, data lakes, and data marts. 

With its recent announcement of a new native security feature, Row-level Security, Snowflake enables users to dynamically filter out rows based on user roles. Row-level Security, along with previously available Column-level security, alleviates the need to create custom views for each use case, avoiding view explosion.

Now with Snowflake’s row-level security, combined with Privacera’s unified policy management and governance, users gain reliable and easy-to-use, fine-grained security. Managing this capability in Privacera also reduces the complexity of creating manual functions, accelerates time-to-access, and enables scalable data governance across multiple cloud environments– including Snowflake and beyond.

Privacera’s Row-level Policy Management for Snowflake

Extending Snowflake’s Native Capabilities with Privacera

Privacera’s centralized data access governance platform automatically translates data policies into Snowflake-specific grant/revoke privileges that can be controlled down to warehouse-, database-, table-, column-, and row-levels and also provides audit records via Apache Ranger’s central audit store. Privacera enhances Snowflake’s native capabilities and provides joint users: 

  • Simplified management of hundreds of thousands of tables and policies with an intuitive user interface and APIs.
  • Global tag-based policies for consistent security policies and dynamic masking across multiple datasets and cloud services. 
  • Dynamic column masking, row-level filtering, and column-level access across Snowflake for a single source of data for multiple users, while ensuring compliance with organizational and regulatory policies.
  • Dynamic field-level encryption via the Privacera Encryption Gateway for additional security, which externalizes encryption keys outside Snowflake and provides policy-based dynamic decryption of sensitive data and personal identifiable information. 
  • Centralized audit records that can be published to external log aggregators and SIEMs to easily prove regulatory compliance and detect anomalous access patterns. 
  • Simplified management of permissions for roles and policies for users and groups from Active Directory, leveraging a single source of user identity and group affiliation. Privacera automatically maps AD users and groups to Snowflake roles and manages them, alleviating the need to manage the policies only at the Snowflake role level.
  • Delegated policy administration for business groups and data owners, enabling accelerated self-service data analytics, while respecting security, privacy and audit requirements.

To learn more about how Privacera and Snowflake make data security and governance simpler and help drive secure data democratization across cloud enterprises, visit our website, or contact us for a demo. 

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