Client Success: Software Company Speeds Up Data Migration, Automates Governance

Amazing Stories in Data Governance: Accelerating system and data migration to digitize and enhance cloud adoption.

This story is part of our client success series. It showcases Fortune 100 and 500 customers across various industries that turned to Privacera to solve their tough data security, access, and governance challenges. Check out all the stories in this series.

This design software and services company knows all about having the right tools to ensure business productivity. Its technology products and services enable its customers to design, fabricate, manufacture, and build by visualizing, simulating, and analyzing real-world performance early in the design process. The company serves customers worldwide in the architecture, engineering, and construction; manufacturing; and digital media, consumer, and entertainment industries.

The company’s business strategy aims to digitize and increase its use of cloud technologies and applications. This strategy depends on the ability to securely collect, access, and process its customer data—including sensitive personal data—to improve its customer offerings. It also requires complying with state, federal, and global laws to ensure data privacy, protection, and security. See how Privacera helped this company accelerate its data migration, automate policy deployment across private and public cloud environments, and control data access. 

Business Risks

The biggest risks to this company are ensuring it meets state, federal, and global compliance regulations for governing privacy, data protection, and information security. In particular, it must meet the following regulations:

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Personal Information Protection Law (China)
  • California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA),
  • Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act
  • Colorado Privacy Act 

These regulations substantially expand the scope of potential liability, which carry significant penalties for non-compliance, and impact innovation and business drivers. A potential security incident could compromise the integrity of the company’s offerings, services, data, and intellectual property. It could also affect its ability to remain competitive, maintain credit, and realize revenue.

Business Issues

The company’s Data Platforms and Services Group was tasked with driving the company’s cloud and data platform initiative. The cloud data platform uses an AWS data lake and Snowflake as the core elements of its big data service offering.

The existing deployment had several issues:

  • Lack of high availability
  • No vendor support
  • Not re-installable
  • Deployed via Hortonworks Data Platform and managed via Ambari
  • Version incompatibility with the target Amazon EMR Hive and Presto cluster versions

The company identified the following key vendor must-haves for its implementation:

  • Must meet its requirements and contribute to its future data platform security solution. 
  • Offer centralized policy management and fine-grained access control.
  • Include data security with Hive and Presto support.

Most critical was that the selected vendor solution needed to support lightweight data access protocol (LDAP) for Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD) user and group integration and auditing. 

The customer evaluated multiple alternatives for governing and securing the platform with a goal to choose a replacement and then migrate to the new platform.


By choosing Privacera, the company was able to synchronize its user information from AAD
(as illustrated in the following diagram). With either the Privacera UI or REST API, company administrators could also create data access policies, which Privacera natively enforced in the EMR cluster for Hive and Presto.

Diagram showing business analyst and admin user synchronizing user information from AAD

Adopting Privacera enabled authorized business analysts to access data in EMR Hive and Presto. Plus, they could see a complete audit trail of who accessed what data and when. 

During the migration process, legacy Apache Ranger policies were regularly moved to Privacera until all Qubole clusters were fully migrated to EMR. After completing the migration, the company decommissioned Qubole and Legacy Ranger.

Business Impact

By adopting Privacera for its data security governance, this company achieved:

  • An accelerated system and data migration process 
  • Ability to run on-premises and cloud systems in parallel during migration
  • Cost savings gained by retiring the on-premises systems after completing the migration

No matter how unique your data ecosystem, products, and processes are, Privacera can help future-proof your data security, access, and governance for greater scalability, connectivity, and competitive opportunities.

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