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Amazing Stories in Data Governance: How this top-10 FinTech keeps data and money flowing securely.

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As a multinational consumer credit reporting agency, this company is built on data. It provides information solutions and human resources business process outsourcing services to financial institutions, corporations, governments, and individuals. Its services are based on databases of consumer and business information from credit, financial assets, telecommunications and utility payments, employment, income, demographic, and marketing data sources.

To power its solutions, the agency uses advanced statistical techniques, machine learning, and proprietary software tools. By using this mix, the company can analyze its data to create customized insights, decision-making, and process automation solutions and services for its clients. See how, by choosing Privacera, this company is now able to discover and catalog its sensitive data, manage access control, and enhance governance–all without impacting its existing applications.

Business Risk

The company collects, processes, transmits, and stores sensitive data, including intellectual property, proprietary business information, and personal information for consumers, employees, and strategic partners. For this reason, external bad actors with access to sophisticated resources routinely target this company to gain unauthorized access to compromise or steal its data. 

With the large volumes of data this company manages, security breaches or other disruptions to its IT infrastructure could compromise company, consumer, and customer information. They would also interfere with the company’s operations and cause significant costs for remediation and updating of its IT systems. As well, they could expose them to legal liability.

Business Issues

By necessity, the company has strict internal and external data security requirements. It meets regularly with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and must meet General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance. Likewise, the company must be able to stay on top of each agency’s requirements as they change.

The company enabled a move to cloud-native operations by using a single data fabric and implementing cloud-based tools. To ensure its cloud environment aligns with the company’s developing business requirements, it needed a cloud-compatible governance solution with low system latency and automated compliance. 

Given these issues, the company required the following capabilities:

  • Manage access control without impacting existing workflows
  • Continuously discover data usage and users
  • Comply with consumer protection regulations, including GDPR and CCPA
  • Protect PII with encryption and masking
  • Automate data policy assignment and customer data intake
  • Reduce the data intake workload


By choosing Privacera, this company found a solution that fit its requirements:

  • Lower latency
  • Compatibility with major cloud platforms
  • Stronger compliance, especially for GDPR rules

With the Privacera platform, the company gained security, compliance, and data management across its data estate. Because its IT team had built Apache Ranger into its on-premises data environment, deploying Privacera proved an easy transition.

Between Privacera’s robust compliance capabilities and compatibility with the company’s cloud storage platforms, the customer extended its existing Apache Ranger foundation to the cloud as a unified solution across all environments. Because Privacera is built on AI and machine learning, the platform enabled the company to discover PII data automatically. It also eliminated the time-consuming, manual customer data intake.

All in all, the company achieved its cloud data migration without impacting the company’s data science teams. In addition, these teams gained data access without compromising compliance, enabling the customer to mitigate information security risks. 

No matter how unique your data ecosystem, products, and processes are, Privacera can help future-proof your data security, access, and governance for greater scalability, connectivity, and competitive opportunities. 

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