Secure Your Data Mesh Architecture on AWS

The criticality of becoming a data-driven enterprise is a given. But there are multiple data, security and governance approaches to get there. Which should you choose?

Learn the challenges of implementing a Data Lake and the benefits of a modern Data Mesh approach with AWS. Hear from AWS Senior Partner Solutions Architect, Ayan Ray, and Privacera Director of Sales Engineering, Lovelesh Chawla, as they discuss the importance of implementing a modern unified data security governance platform. Manage, secure, and automate data access, security, and compliance simply and consistently across your entire data mesh on AWS.

No ivory tower. Hear about a real, successful customer journey. Learn from their challenges, and plan for the same big benefits they experienced.

Watch now to learn:

  • Common approaches to enable data-driven organizations
  • Why a data mesh approach on AWS can accelerate your data initiative
  • How to universally secure and govern a modern data mesh

Be data-driven. Secure and succeed. Watch now!

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