Data Governance for Dummies: Going from Governance to Security Governance

How does data governance work? How do you apply it? And how do you uplevel your data policies into a proper data security governance framework?

Technology and business leader and author Jonathan Reichental, PhD, set out to answer these questions in his recently published book Data Governance for Dummies. In his book, he breaks down the basics of the role of data and how organizations can identify the value and impact of data, and design governance and security programs that build a data-centric culture.

Join us on Thursday, August 24, 2023, at 10 AM PST, as Jonathan, along with Privacera team members, Vince Goveas, Senior Director of Product Management, and Myles Suer, Strategic Marketing Director, as they unpack these ideas and how to do data governance right, with a focus on how to:

  • Prioritize and make data governance more approachable.
  • Avoid bureaucratic, complex, expensive, and discretionary approaches.
  • Tackle data security governance with a simple, unified approach.

Watch this webinar and start your data security governance journey on the right foot.


Jonathan Reichental, Ph.D, Founder at Human Future
Vince Goveas, Senior Director of Product Management at Privacera
Miles Suer, Stragetic Marketing Director at Privacera

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