Centralize Data Security Governance with Dremio & Privacera

With the explosive growth in data volumes, data access requests, and interest in data democratization, data security and governance has become more important than ever. To ensure secure, reliable, and proper access to data, organizations need to implement a centralized data security governance strategy. Dremio & Privacera have partnered together to provide a solution that allows organizations to easily implement fine-grained access controls on their open data lakehouse.

This webinar will detail how Dremio & Privacera can provide organizations with the tools to build their unified data security governance solution.

Attendees will learn:

  • The importance of implementing unified data security governance for the open data lakehouse
  • How to use Privacera to implement fine-grained access controls for queries on Dremio’s open data lakehouse
  • How the integrated Dremio & Privacera solution provides column and row access controls across federated datasets
  • Best practices for deploying and using the Dremio & Privacera solution


Brett Roberts, Principal Solution Architect, Dremio
Lovelesh Chawla, Director, Solutions Engineering, Privacera

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