Augmenting Data Security in the Modern Cloud Lakehouse

Abstract: Data security is a foremost consideration in every enterprise. More than four-fifths of respondents to a recent TDWI survey reported that security is the most important component of their organizations’ initiatives to make their organizations’ data and analytics practices more responsible. Stronger governance and compliance were also cited by substantial majorities of respondents.

Data security governance solutions are key infrastructure for securing lakehouses and other modern cloud data assets. TDWI research has found that data security platforms have become a priority for organizations because they can help ensure compliance, data accessibility, and security. Join TDWI senior research director James Kobielus in this webinar as he discusses the role of centralized data security, access governance, and other key capabilities in augmenting how enterprises secure data in their cloud and IT infrastructures.

After context-setting presentations, Kobielus and invited guests engage in a panel discussion on the following issues: 

  • What are the principal challenges for enterprises seeking to secure and govern their data more effectively in a modern cloud lakehouse?
  • What are the best practices for enterprises seeking to augment data security and compliance in their lakehouses and across their distributed cloud environments?
  • What security and policy management capabilities are necessary for enterprises to succeed with secure data stewardship initiatives, data security at scale, agile data access, simplifying complex data ecosystems, and robust data productization?
  • How can a data security governance platform improve data security, governance, and curation across complex enterprise IT data infrastructure?

Sponsored by Databricks, Privacera


James Kobielus, Senior Research Director, Data Management at TDWI 
Pradeep Anandapu, senior partner solutions architect at Databricks 
Lovelesh Chawla, Director of Solutions Engineering at Privacera

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