Auditing & Reporting

Continuous monitoring with built-in dashboards, reports, and audit logs to understand sensitive data exposure

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Comprehensive view of sensitive data enables you to:

Identify sensitive data you don’t know exists

Modern data and analytics practices creates data proliferation, which means that sensitive data might have been copied, moved, and transformed across your data ecosystem. Privacera allows you to identify and view all sensitive data and where it is stored in a single dashboard. Additional dashboards and reports provide deeper insights into your sensitive data, applicable policies, and access patterns.

Quickly identify data breach exposure

Privacera keeps a comprehensive audit log of all data access events, allowing you to identify who accessed data at what times, and what protections (e.g. clear, masked, encrypted) were in place on that data. These audit logs can be easily integrated with data security analytics to provide real-time alerts and monitoring and even greater data analysis capabilities faster.

Demonstrate data security & compliance

In Privacera data access and security controls are actual policy enforcement which determine what, how, and who can access data. Privacera provides comprehensive reporting on all data access and security policies, which can serve as documentation for security and compliance audits to demonstrate that appropriate controls are in place to meet and exceed security and compliance requirements.

Sensitive Data Reports & Dashboards

Privacera delivers out of the box reports and dashboards that provide an overview of all the sensitive data across your entire data ecosystem. These reports and dashboards show what and how much sensitive data resides in each of your data services, giving a single pane of glass view to understand how your sensitive data has propagated across accounts, services, and cloud service providers.

Built in reports overview

Data Access Policy Reports & Dashboards

Privacera provides out to the box reports and dashboards that give you a comprehensive view of all your Data Access and Security policies. With Privacera there is no need to pull access and policy information from multiple source systems to get data access and security enforcement policies. Privacera provides a single place and approach to build, enforce, and monitor policies across your entire data estate, providing easy identification, monitoring, and usage for compliance audits.

Policy Dashboard with Policies by service secure zone type and by policy

Detailed Data Access Log Files

Privacera provides data access logs across your entire data estate, so you can see who accessed what data and when they accessed it all in one place. The Privacera logs allow you to perform Data Loss Protection (DLP) to identify what sensitive data has been exposed should an internal or external data breach occur.

Audit report

Comprehensive dashboards, audit, and reporting

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You also benefit from

Splunk Dashboard with Privacera Data in it

Integrate into Data Security Analytics Tools

All Privacera log files are stored in a data repository and are able to be easily integrated with and accessed by Data Security Analytical tool, such as Splunk. This allows organizations to use their choice of security analytics and integrate fine grained data access and security monitoring into their existing reports and dashboards. Organizations can also use advanced threat detection models, alerting, and perform advanced analytics that are available with their security analytic and monitoring tools.

Usage report

Know how your data security is performing

Privacera has out of the box dashboards and reports that show you the volume of data access requests that have been allowed and denied, demonstrating that Privacera data security is operating properly, providing an indicator of potential business information bottlenecks, and if you need to take a more federated approach to data access and security, as well as insight into if you are taking an overly restrictive or permissive security posture.

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