Privacera + Databricks on Google Cloud: Unified Data Analytics, Enterprise-Grade Security and Privacy


Since its inception, Privacera’s mission has been clear: to provide secure data democratization across enterprises, no matter where data resides or in what kind of environment. And over the last year, our team brought that mission to fruition across all three leading public cloud providers: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Expanding on our support of Google Cloud, earlier this year, we announced previewed support of centralized data governance for Databricks on Google Cloud. We are now happy to announce that Privacera’s automated sensitive data discovery, fine-grained access control, and encryption capabilities are now generally available to Databricks on Google Cloud users.

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With Databricks now generally available in the Google Cloud marketplace, users have unprecedented flexibility, ease of use, and the ability to build an open lakehouse architectures with open source products and services. Recognizing the importance of Databricks as a leading lakehouse platform and staying true to our mission of securing analytical workloads across leading cloud services, Privacera’s advanced data access governance capabilities enable Databricks users to securely access data across analytical workspaces deployed on any public cloud.

What does Privacera’s support of Databricks on Google Cloud mean for data teams?

Data science is increasingly becoming a team sport. As various people need to access data distributed across multiple sources and applications to build predictive models using shared clusters, the need to provide centralized, data governance and access control to these teams has never been more critical. 

As Databricks has emerged as the leading data lakehouse platform, its extension to GCP allows customers to combine the best of both worlds: open lakehouse platform and an open cloud. With integrations across Google Cloud Storage, BigQuery, and the Google Cloud AI Platform, users can seamlessly collaborate across data and AI services on Google Cloud. 

As Privacera already provides advanced privacy and security on Cloud Storage, BigQuery, and Dataproc, extending these capabilities to Databricks on GCP users was a natural progression in our product roadmap. With Privacera’s capabilities, Databricks on Google Cloud users will get the same, unified experience to perform their AI needs, with:

  • An advanced security layer that centralizes and simplifies controlling access to data
  • Complete transparency of how, when, and where data is used with detailed auditing and reporting 
  • Automated data access policy sync to ensure building, implementing, and enforcing policies stays consistent across all cloud services and applications
  • Fine-grained access control and automated workflows, alleviating data teams from manually requesting access from each separate data owner (i.e., self-service analytics), and decreasing the time it takes to on-board new data users 
  • Automated encryption and masking/filtering to secure data whether it’s at rest in the cloud or in motion. 

Enterprise-Grade Security and Privacy 

With Privacera’s Apache Ranger-based platform, Databricks on Google Cloud users also gain extended capabilities that support high availability and ensure enterprise-grade privacy and security, including: 

  • Simplified user interface built on a modern framework 
  • Secure installation and deployment
  • Reduced risk of downtime and faster recovery 
  • Enhanced access audit reporting 
  • Native support of multiple authentication frameworks 

To learn more about how Privacera extends end-to-end data governance access to Databricks on Google Cloud users, as well as all leading public cloud providers, join us for upcoming events for live demonstrations:

Also, be sure to check out Privacera Platform 4.6, generally available in May. For more information, contact us or visit our products


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