Privacera 4.7 and PrivaceraCloud 2.3 Offers Enhanced Attribute-Based Policies and Expanded Coverage For Comprehensive Access Governance

Privacera 4.7 and PrivaceraCloud 2.3 Product Release

We are excited to announce that Privacera Platform version 4.7 and PrivaceraCloud version 2.3 are now available! Features included in these product releases include:

  • Enhanced ability to build access control policies using attributes inherited from industry-leading authentication tools
  • Availability of our entire stack on PrivaceraCloud, the industry’s first SaaS access governance solution
  • Significant expansion of our coverage to support the broader data ecosystem  

Enhanced Attribute-Based Policies

In an earlier release of the Privacera Platform, we expanded our integrations with the industry’s leading authentication tools and SSO frameworks, including Okta, LDAP, Active Directory, Azure AD, and the OAuth, SAML, and SCIM standards. In version 4.7, we completed the end-to-end cycle by providing customers the ability to build access control policies by importing user identities and associated attributes from LDAP, Active Directory, and Azure AD, and single sign-on platforms supporting OAuth and SAML.

With the burden of manually integrating user identities and authorizations removed, data teams are free to build policies that leverage user attributes such as location, IP address, and time zone, among others. For example, administrators can use this integration to build a policy that specifies certain data in a cloud data warehouse or object store can only be accessed by authorized users during working hours in the same time zone as the company’s headquarters. This is just one example of an attribute associated with users, but now any attribute that can be inherited from authentication tools and SSO frameworks can potentially be used to build and enforce access control policies. The result is companies are in a stronger position to protect their enterprise data by building richer access control policies through the combination of users’ roles and attributes. 

End-to-End Governance

The latest release of PrivaceraCloud now features the availability of sensitive data discovery and encryption. With access control already available on PrivaceraCloud, this enables our customers to implement a comprehensive, end-to-end data access governance and privacy solution in minutes.

Privacera Discovery is now generally available on PrivaceraCloud with support for Amazon S3 (real-time data scans); JDBC data sources such as Oracle, PrestoSQL, MySQL, and Apache Cassandra; and PrestoSQL as a universal JDBC pass-through.

PrivaceraCloud now supports encryption for Databricks on Azure as well as the encryption of a wide variety of UTC-type date and time formats.

Expansion of Support Ecosystem

In the latest release of Privacera Platform and PrivaceraCloud, we significantly expanded the breadth of services we support to offer the industry’s most compatible and comprehensive data access governance solution for cloud, hybrid-, and multi-cloud environments. This includes Amazon EMR version 5.33, Databricks legacy shards, Trino (previously PrestoSQL) for Privacera Platform, and Amazon EMR 6.2 for PrivaceraCloud.

For more information, refer to the release notes for Privacera 4.7 and PrivaceraCloud 2.3. See Privacera or PrivaceraCloud in action by scheduling a demo with one of our technical experts.


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