Data+AI Summit Europe 2020 is a wrap!


We’d like to thank our partners, Databricks, for hosting and enabling data leaders from around the world to virtually connect and discuss the unique challenges the industry faces, as well as solutions to address those challenges. 

As a silver sponsor, our team had the opportunity to demonstrate our latest platform release to our community, as well as meet and collaborate with like-minded organizations like DataSentics, who are helping to better understand and solve problems for cloud platform users globally. 

We heard a lot of great questions during our sponsorship sessions that are worth mentioning:

Q: What modules are included in the Privacera Platform?

A: Sensitive data discovery, access management, and encryption and anonymization.

Q: Can Privacera automate policy creation and enforcement dynamically by using policy variables? 

A: Yes. APIs are available in the platform that you can automatically create and call to dynamically update policies. Flowable, the BPM used in the platform, integrates with your external systems, like ServiceNow or ZenDesk, so you can generate automated access requests, allows the data owner to grant you access, and lets you request access based on a specific roles, projects, or groups.* 

*Learn more about this functionality and new Privacera Access Workflows in this blog and on-demand webinar. 

Q: We have certain datasets that have to be masked/tokenized before being migrated to the cloud. Can Privacera Platform be deployed on-premise as well?

A: Privacera Discovery can be deployed to scan and tag sensitive data in your on-prem data lake. You can encrypt sensitive data before cloud migration and ensure compliance when migrating sensitive information to the cloud.

Q: Where and how does Privacera Platform process on-prem metadata–in particular, when you also have on-cloud metadata, as well?

A: On-prem metadata is scanned using Spark jobs in your on-prem data lake, while Cloud data is scanned using Spark jobs in your cloud environment 

Q: Can you configure the Privacera Platform, so it only shows employees accessing and/or processing PII (e.g. customers’ addresses or cc #’s) and not having to use blanket data monitoring?

A: Yes, this can be customized in the platform. We can go into more detail on this during a personalized demo.

Q: Does Privacera have any encryption in use features? How about homomorphic encryption?

A: Yes, we can do multiple types (like FPE etc.), depending on the use case.

Q: What data attributes can be used for ABAC?

A: In ABAC, granting or denying access to is dependent upon the attributes’ subject, object, environment conditions, and applicable access policy. Object attributes can include type, author, owner, date created, last updated, and classification. Subject attributes can include name, employee number, designation, department or affiliation, and clearance. Environment attribute conditions can include location, time zone, current time, and current day. 

Q: Can Ranger handle ABAC?

A: Yes, Apache Ranger can support different authorization methods, including role-based access control and attribute-based access control. 

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To learn more about the Privacera Platform and its new features, enhancements, and integrations:

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