Event Overview

Privacera is proud to be a gold level sponsor for this year’s summit where we will have two special speaking engagements by our very own Srikanth Venkat, VP of Products and Zeashan Pappa, Technology Executive and Architect. This free, virtual event runs from June 22-26 and we look forward to seeing you at our sessions Wednesday, June 24 at 11 am PDT and Friday 12:20 pm PDT.

Find and Protect Your Crown Jewels in Databricks with Privacera and Apache Ranger

Protecting your data in the cloud can involve a myriad of piecemeal processes and often impacts the performance of a data platform. Yet the need for secure data sharing of sensitive information and regulatory compliance for mandates such as GDPR and CCPA cannot be ignored.

In this session, learn how to optimize the performance of Databricks infrastructure by adding Privacera security and compliance workflows. Learn how Privacera’s Apache Ranger-based architecture in the cloud integrates with Databricks Delta Lake and find out how to enable a secure multi-tenant framework to quickly find and easily manage sensitive data with efficient, centralized policy management and fine-grained access control.

Srikanth Venkat

Dr. Srikanth is a product executive with 18+ years of leadership experience creating engaging experiences that delight customers while building scalable organizations and processes at start-ups and Fortune 500 multinational software firms.

Simplifying Disaster Recovery with Delta Lake

There’s a need to develop a recovery process for Delta table in a DR scenario. Cloud multi-region sync is Asynchronous. This type of replication does not guarantee the chronological order of files at the target (DR) region. In some cases, we can expect large files to arrive later than small files. With Delta Lake, this can create an incomplete version at the DR site at the breakup point.

The assumption is that the Primary (Prod) site is not reachable and therefore there’s a need to identify and fix the incomplete version of the Delta Lake table. Similar scenarios happen with RDBMS replication, they rely on their logs to restore the database to a stable version and run the recovery or reload process. Along with Itai Weiss, Databricks Information Solution Architect, Zeashan will use this session to address this need and look for a solution that can be shared with customers.

Zeashan Pappa

Zeashan is a technology executive and architect who has 18+ years of enterprise software architecture, engineering, consulting, and project management expertise.