Apache Ranger and Privacera: Key Similarities & Major Privacera Enhancements

Apache Ranger is a highly successful open-source project used by thousands of enterprises worldwide for its robust and extensible data access control framework. When building Apache Ranger, the goal was to develop an enterprise-ready, centralized platform to define and administer data access controls for on-premises Hadoop data lakes. However, the problem of centralized access control also extended to cloud services. This challenge was the motivation behind the formation of Privacera. Ranger’s proven framework lies at the heart of Privacera’s unified data governance platform. Privacera supports multiple cloud services — AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Databricks, Snowflake, and more — in addition to enhancements that are critical to securing analytical workloads by enterprises.

The objective of this white paper is to outline the similarities between Apache Ranger and Privacera and discuss the essential product enhancements Privacera has built to address some of the most vital use cases in enterprise digital transformation. After an overview of Apache Ranger and Privacera, the paper will explain why enterprises should consider Privacera’s unified access governance platform for their cloud environments, especially if they use Ranger to secure access in their on-premises Hadoop data lakes.

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