October 10, 2022

Privacera Expands Google Cloud Capabilities with Latest Release on Dataproc to Provide Enterprise-Grade Data Security Governance

Latest release to Dataproc offers customers ability to discover and secure sensitive data sets across numerous GCP data services

FREMONT, Calif. – October 10, 2022 – Privacera, the only open-standards based data security governance leader founded by the creators of Apache Ranger™, today announced native support for Dataproc. This integration allows users to define and enforce fine-grained level access control for Apache Hive, Apache Spark, and Presto supported to Dataproc. Privacera already natively integrates and supports a number of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services such as BigQuery and Google Cloud Storage. Privacera helps enterprise data teams protect sensitive data and enable privacy across all on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud data sources while reducing time to insights by automating outdated, manual governance processes.

With the availability of Privacera’s native integration to Dataproc, organizations will be able to accelerate their migration to GCP by securely managing data access policies across diverse on-premise and GCP data sources. This will significantly reduce the efforts around data migrations to the cloud through increased automation and consistent policy management, and the ability to ensure compliance through an open, consistent and proven standard.

For users of Apache Ranger who are looking to build new secure data applications in the cloud, with Privacera, they can now leverage the same security and governance capabilities that they are familiar with to more sources, at enterprise scale, and greater functionality, since Privacera is based on Apache Ranger open standards.

“Expanding the sources that we support and contributing to the Apache Ranger community increases the ability for our customers to leverage their existing investments in secure and consistent data access policies,” said Privacera CEO Balaji Ganesan. “Our customers, including a large consumer credit reporting agency that uses GCP and Privacera as part of their modern data stack, can now extend their capabilities to discover and secure sensitive data sets across numerous GCP data services while migrating safely to the cloud.” 

Privacera offers Dataproc users the following extended privacy and governance capabilities: 

  • Centralized management and enforcement of tag-based data access control policies across GCP and other cloud data services 
  • Policies for fine-grained access controls for Apache Hive, Apache Spark,and Presto
  • Customizable, out-of-the-box compliance, audit, and governance reports for CCPA, GDPR, LGPD, HIPAA, RTBF, and more
  • Dynamic encryption, decryption, and masking (column masking and row filtering)
  • Broad integrations with identity management systems like corporate AD/LDAP, Okta, and SCIM
  • SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, enterprise-grade SaaS data access governance solution that can be configured in minutes
  • Hardened deployment of Apache Ranger with high-availability 

Recently, Privacera announced fine-grained data access and privacy control for BigQuery.

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Founded in 2016 by the creators of Apache Ranger™, Privacera’s SaaS-based data governance and data security platform enables data and security teams to simplify data access, security, and privacy for data applications and analytical workloads. The Privacera platform supports compliance with regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and HIPAA. Privacera provides a unified view and control for securing sensitive data across multiple cloud services such as AWS, Azure, Databricks, GCP, Snowflake, and Starburst. The Privacera platform is utilized by Fortune 500 customers across finance, insurance, life sciences, retail, media, and consumer industries, as well as government agencies to automate sensitive data discovery, mask sensitive data, and manage high-fidelity policies at petabyte scale on-premises and in the cloud

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