Revolutionize Secure Data Sharing

Faster Access to Trusted Data Without Compromising Data Compliance and Privacy

A Paradigm Shift for Data Sharing

According to Gartner, organizations that share data effectively generate 3x more measurable economic benefit than counterparts that don’t. To be data-driven, businesses need a seamless and secure user experience to access data that drives latency out of the analytics process. 

Governed Data Sharing enables a new approach that aligns data governance and analytics personas–such as IT, data privacy & security officers, and data scientists–with their objectives to accelerate data democratization while complying with privacy regulations.

Friction in the Self-Service Analytics Process

The lack of alignment between the personas involved in the data democratization process leads to a governance blind spot.

Building Data Domains is Key to Sharing Data

Governed Data Sharing enables a distributed data governance model that delivers a new level of flexibility and power to accelerate analytical initiatives by grouping functional data–such as sales, marketing, finance, and more–into Data Domains.

The use of Data Domains alleviates the operational burden of IT by putting data owners and custodians in direct contact with data consumers to manage access requests, greatly improving collaboration, flexibility and responsiveness. 

One Team Operations Accelerate Secure Data Sharing

Accelerate Business Agility
Data can be shared internally & externally as data can only be accessed by authorized personnel

Maximize Data Visibility
Single-pane visibility into all user activities and proactively address any compliance violations

Optimize Team Collaboration
Central and local teams can build and collaborate on policies

Ensure Authorized Data Access
Enforcement of policies is done closer to data and natively within the application

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