Privacera’s Balaji Ganesan Featured on AWS Start-Up Showcase: DevOps, Data Analytics, and Cloud Management 


Privacera CEO and Co-Founder Balaji Ganesan was recently featured on the AWS Start-Up Showcase, presented by theCUBE. Each quarter, AWS hosts technology start-ups across various industries, with this quarter’s theme focused on data and analytics in the cloud. 

Watch Privacera’s session “Accelerating Cloud Migration and Secure Self-Service Analytics” on-demand here

At Privacera, one of the most common challenges our technology solves for is cloud migration– and it’s the most common use case we see in our joint customers with AWS. As global cloud adoption continues to increase (with no indication of slowing down), there are several challenges that can impede this process for enterprises who have not considered data governance and security early on in their migration journeys. 

Speaking to theCUBE’s Lisa Martin, Balaji explains the difficult “dual mandate” that often comes with cloud migration: data and IT teams must balance making critical business data rapidly and widely-available to various data consumers across enterprises, while ensuring data is used only by the right people, for the right purposes. Not doing so effectively can increase an enterprise’s risk of a hefty compliance violation, or worse, operational downtime that can cost millions of dollars in lost revenue. 

Just this past year alone has seen headline-worthy compliance violations from a number of well-known organizations:


To simplify cloud migration and safeguard enterprises from compliance and privacy violations– while securely democratizing data across their internal business lines (and between their partners, customers, and suppliers)– Balaji breaks down the core pillars of Privacera’s unified data access governance platform:

  • Single pane data visibility – Privacera’s automated data discovery engine discovers, classifies, and tags sensitive data across all on-premises and cloud data sources, so data and IT teams have a single interface to identify where sensitive data is and how it’s used.   
  • Automated access control and policy migration– Privacera’s fine-grained access controls offer customizable policies based on users’ groups, roles, attributes, and functions. IT and data teams can easily apply consistent policies across all data sources from a centralized interface to ensure data is only accessible to authorized users with the right permissions. This functionality not only ensures data is safeguarded against unauthorized access or security risks, but it also reduces the manual processes that often overburden data teams. 
  • Rich auditing and reporting – Privacera provides detailed data lineage and usage reports that can be pulled in real-time to understand how data is accessed, by whom, and for what purpose. Reports can be customized based on compliance regulatory requirements, such as GDPR, LGPD, CCPA, HIPAA, and more. 


But Privacera’s capabilities don’t just stop at the point of migration; governance, like data security, is a perpetual function that must be considered at every step of an enterprise’s cloud journey, including future cloud providers, applications, integrations, and services. Privacera continues on this journey with enterprises, so that they are prepared to evolve their data management strategies and scale for ever-evolving business needs. With many enterprises now expressing the critical need to share data– not only within the bounds of their own networks, but also externally with partners, customers, and supplies– Privacera enables governed data sharing to secure the sharing and collaboration of business data between external organizations. With this capability, enterprises can continually improve and maximize the value, quantity, and quality of their business data to better understand their customers and make more intelligent business decisions. 

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